Truckerboy - Baby Jail - Au Wiedersehen (CD)

Am vazut multe, am invatat multe Din ce am invatat sau am vazut am impartasit cu toata lumea iar asta mi-a adus oameni aproape si chiar prieteni. Nu stiu cat o sa mai fac asta dar sa dea dracu' daca m-am plictisit vreodata sa fac asta. De mult nu am mai inceput asa devreme munca Firma se ocupa cu transport lemnos si reziduri lemnoase in mare parte, dar si alt tip de transport. Detalii la adresa de mail din josul postarii. Do you want to break into the haulage industry?

Jenkinson Transport Ltd is recruiting for the next cohort of apprentice LGV drivers to join our team. Putina truckereala inainte de concediu. Ce Scotia ma nene, ce Londra, ce 15h, ce nervi, ce stres cu biroul Dupa 5 ani de RB azi in ultima mea zi de munca inainte de concediu am avut parte de cea mai crunta zi de munca De 2 saptamani in zilele de weekend au renuntat sa imi dea vreo cursa si am fost desemnat sa fac "yard duties" adica un fel de plictiseala crunta timp de h.

De fapt asa am crezut in prima saptamana pt ca, chiar a fost plictiseala si mai putina munca. In schimb ieri si azi Barbosul mi-a dat-o la papacioaca.

Ieri am mutat din curte intr-o parcare la 1km de firma vreo 20 de vagoane, in plus de asta sa ma asigur ca sunt alimentate full pt frig. Ba a trecut cum a trecut ziua de ieri, dar azi Evident munca ar fi fost pe jumatate mai putina daca primeam un trocarici TUG d'ala sa fac shunting dar Adrian a folosit un cap tractor normal.

Ia si agata, si dezagata, si ridica picioare, si lasa picioare, si urca-te in camion, si da-te jos din camion Am dat azi la manivela la picioare cat nu am dat in toate concursurile de pescuit la crap si 2 campionate nationale la care am participat. Deja incep sa am febra musculara in tot corpul si incerc sa ma gandesc ce frumoase vor fi primele 2 zile de concediu zacand lat in pat.

Turner calls! Staff gives play. December I. Thoughts of Christmas. Baby of Faculty goes autoing with "Uncle Greenlee. Girls study calendar. Fire-escapes erected. Chapel ceiling falls. Girls terrified. Students' Recital. Christmas Day. Turkey, etc. More boys. Grand times all around. Old year passes away. January, Resolutions made. Resolutions broken. A few of the girls return. Pasmore Trio. Papers returned. Rejoicing and Sorrowing.

Davidson Orchestra. Reception, after Concert. Annual and Staff much abused. Pictures made. Everything frozen up. Miller goes out of business. February 1. Annual goes to press. Wilson, from Mooresville, preaches. Vaccination Day. Everybody hit by Cupid. Measuring Party. Seniors "called down. Celebration of Washington's birthday. Essays in progress. March 1. Sad countenances. Reports sent home.

Looking forward to spring uniforms. Trouble in practice rooms. Miss Scott's Recital. Class goes Botanizing. Callers at the College. April 1. April Fooled Dr. Miss Boardman's Recital. Scott has the floor. Miss M. Williams' and Miss Stulting's Recital. Cinders falling. Girls alarmed! Play given by Staff. Reviews commence, for exams. Liss Clement's Recital. May 1. Commencement invitations arrive. Senior exams. All exams, at their height. Girls pay visits to dress-makers. Senior week.

Baccalaureate Sermon. Grand Concert. Class Day Exercises. Commencement Night. The work is beneficial in social, as well as devotional, missionary, and Bible- study, respects. Three of our members, Rosa Ratchford, Jessie Keefe, and Edith Gilbert, attended the Summer Conference at Ashe- ville, and brought back to us many new ideas, which proved very helpful to the various committees.

Our Y. We are now looking forward, with much pleasure, to the coming of Miss Crane, the Territorial Secretary. We feel that the Christian work is the most important in our College, and wish for it much success in the coming years. Janie McNeill, ' YELL: "Hobble, gobble, raslle tassel — sis boom bah! Coroebians — are Tve!

Shakespeare Piano — American Group, a. To a Wild Rose MacDowell b. To a Water-lily MacDowell c. Minuet l'Antico Seeboeck d. An Oriental Scene Orlh Violin — a. Adagio, Op. La Cinquantaine Cabriel-Marie Songs — a. Who is Sylvia? Schubert b. Sunset Dudley Buck c. Pin Allegro. Schumann Hungarian Dance No. Multo Allegro a Vivace. Orchestral parts on second piano. Motto: "B natural Flower: B sharp, but never B flat.

Motto: "Keep in tune. Dew Lessesne Allison Utiles Reversed 1. Students are required to be as noisy as possible at all times. Rooms must not be kept in order. A servant will do all necessary cleaning. Meals will be served in rooms when inconvenient for Young Ladies to be present in the dining room. All trash must be thrown out of the windows. Girls are required to spend all vacant periods up town.

Those who are not able to attend school must lounge in the parlors. Boarders are required to have callers every evening from eight to twelve.

Young Ladies must not heed the ringing of the bells. Students are not required to be in their rooms after nine-thirty p. When the ten p. Students must take long rambles after twilight, no chaperons allowed.

All food left on tables, after meals, must be taken to their rooms by the Girls. When leaving, or entering, the buildings, boarders are required to use the fire- escapes. Teachers must not leave their rooms after nine-thirty p. Girls will please report any failure to conform to this rule. Young Ladies are requested to make as many bills as possible, up town. Any Girl who makes an average of beloTo ninety-five will be mentioned on the Honor Roll. No Student must have over three studies a day.

No Girl is allowed to wear her uniform off of the campus. Signed J. Scott — "May we go out on the campus, to see the circus parade? Doctor's reply — "I do not wish you to expose yourselves to the co'd, just for the purpose of seeing the vanishing end of nothing.

Bert — "Somewhere in Africa. Bert to Sarah — "Where do you suppose we could get some milk for the candy? Sarah unconcerned — "Very probably from the cow.

Trans- late it plural. V appeared on the scene, with these words: "Mis Theo, did I leave my gloves over here, last week? The following Monday she was horrified, when her "wash-woman" Mary G.

Dew — "Miss Boardman said she was going to take us to the Cafe, some evening. Marie — "O, won't that be grand! But what do you supose the tickets will cost? On their plates, at the supper table, they found small yellow cards, cut in the shape of pumpkins, and bearing the words: "The spools hold their revel Saturday night. You'll learn your fortune, honor bright, If to the library you take your flight. There spooks and rvilches will all unite To reveal the future to you, aright.

The library was attractively decorated with autumn leaves, and softly lighted by numberless small candles. In one corner of the room, the most important of the witches had pitched her tent, within which she sat, on a low stool.

This old, uncanny creature had certainly collected her wits for the occasion, and was patiently waiting to reveal the future to the fair, young guests. However, this witch was not the only fortune-teller, present, there were hosts of others, all around the room. When the great clock marked the hour of nine, all the spooks had assembled, and were groaning and howling, as if in deepest agony — the festivities then commenced in earnest.

The spooks, of course, were the white clad maidens, who, after being identified, laid aside their masks and robes. The jolly moment came — their fortunes were all told. Some, by their new intelligence, were made sorrowful, while others were delighted and aroused by awakening ambitions. After the fortune-telling was over, the girls sat down, in the form of a crescent, on the floor, and then it was that they discovered who the witches were, for they too laid aside their disguises, and were no longer spirits, but the teachers!

And those teachers because they had once been school girls, and knew — as only school girls can know — the misfortune of possessing a keen appetite, served the most delicious refreshments, in a sweet and simple way, entirely their own.

By this time the candles had all burned low, and the room was quite dark. Finally, after the telling of some exciting ghost-tales, the big bell rang, and the girls could be seen hurrying in all directions, never daring to look behind, fearing that perhaps they might be pursued. Merle Shoaf, ' C, was on Thursday, November the 30th, nineteen-hundred and eleven.

We had all looked forward to that day as one of the brightest in our lives, a day to be remembered by every girl in school. We rose early in the morning, so as to com- plete our plans for the day. Of course, we all went to church at eleven o'clock, where we heard a very instructive sermon.

After we came back, we read novels, and amused ourselves in various other ways, until we were admitted to the spacious dining hall. There we were seated before every good thing imaginable, and we felt that our greatest wish was gratified. It was a five-course dinner, and one never to be forgotten by anyone who par- took of its bounty. Every girl ate to her heart's content, and many of us didn't stop there. That afternoon, we had all planned to make good use of our privileges, because, on that day, we were allowed to go beyond the College limits, without a teacher, or other august chaperon ; and we girls have an idea that we are enjoying life to its greatest extent, if freedom is granted us along this line.

Some of us went home to spend our brief vacation, but, of those of us who remained here, some took pleasure trips in automobiles, some in buggies, while others preferred long jaunts out into the country, where they could have picnics, and enjoy nature. We had to be very careful in our strolls, not to wander too far away from the College, because there was the possibility of our becoming lost, and not being able to return before night could overtake us.

When seven p. That night, there were many more feasts, and I think we were all glad when the light-bell rang, so that once more we could rest our weary bodies.

We were not so happy on the morning of "the day after," for we had to resume our tiresome tasks, and work hard until our next holiday, which would be Christmas. We looked forward to Christmas with far greater anticipation than we had to Thanksgiving; for then we would see our dear old homes again, and, not only our homes, but our relatives and friends, from whom we had been absent for four long months.

And so, amid the monotony of school routine, our holidays will live long in our memories, as bright epochs in dull study time. Inez Benton, ' And the autumn sky was gray over head; That nine gay maidens, red-sweater clad. With l odal s, and pennants, and lunches they had. Set out for a picnic at Wallaces' Springs, Where, down 'neath a hill, a little stream sings.

Oh, who can tell of the joy that they found In gathering golden-rod a growing around, In heaping up leaves for the flickering fire. And in coaxing the flames up higher and higher? In boiling the eggs in an old dipper-tin. And in cutting the sandwiches dainty and thin? But then when the feast in its splendor was spread And all was made ready — no more need be said! Then, down the hill ran the joyous throng To find the little stream thai runs merrily along.

They waded, and splashed, and laughed in glee. And all were as happy as girls could be. And what did it mailer, that 'ere they returned To the spot where the bright little fire had burned?

Some mischievous boys carried the lunches away. I think that they too, had a picnic that day. Then in games and in talking the evening was spent, And homeward at last the frolickers went. For their hearts Were all light, and their lunch baskets too, And often they rested, as tired girls do. They reached the old College as the twilight crept in And many were the questions of, "Wherc've you been? The pick.

Geraldine Tremont had just arrived, for a few week's visit to her older sister, Rebekah — usually called "Peg" — who had recently married a handsome college graduate, Harold Graham. Geraldine and Peg were doing their best to unpack the trunk, and put away some of the younger sister's clothes, but it was hard, indeed, to keep at work when there was so much to tell.

So, the two sat in the center of a large bed, surrounded by party dresses, shoes, and clothing of every description. A pretty picture it was — Peg, a small, slight being, with snapping brown eyes, and loads of dark, wavy hair ; Geraldine, a tall, slender girl, with golden hair, and deep blue eyes. Just now, her golden hair was tumbled, and a faint pink tinted her cheeks.

In looking over the pile of dresses, Peg came across a pale blue chiffon. I had it for that, and Peg, I met the grandest out-of-town fellow that night, Dick Leonard was his name. We were together quite a bit that Spring, but we had a little "tiff. I cared, but — "The conservation, at this point, was interrupted by a loud knock on the door. The girls looked at each other with twinkling eyes, but neither dared speak, for fear of laughing, because Aunt Chloe certainly was odd looking.

Finally, the darkey rolled her eye-balls in every direction, and began in a shaky voice. She stopped, quite out of breath, and began mopping her face with a huge red bandanna handkerchief. We'll manage to get along somehow.

They had some trouble getting Aunt Chloe safely off, but when she finally closed the door, the two girls sat down to plan the supper. When they had decided on a light meal, the 'phone bell rang, and Geraldine, laughing, hurried to answer it. In a few minutes, she came running back, a look of consternation on her young face.

What shall we do? Between us, we can get something ready. Let me see, it's now five o'clock, and Harold usually comes at seven.

Chloe said that there were rolls and cake in the bread box, so we'll see what we can fix; and, I hope, the friend will understand. They went out into the kitchen, and looked around. Peg lit the gas, and put some things on to cook, then 'phoned f or more supplies, while Geraldine made a brave effort to set the table.

It seemed as if the 'phone and the door-bell tried themselves, to see which could make the most noise; and, by the time the girls had things nicely started, it was after six.

Besides being very hot and tired, they had both burned their hands in many places, which sad fact did not add to their cheerfulness, very much. I can finish the dinner, then dress in a few minutes, and come down later. Besides, you are really the hostess. Geraldine went into the kitchen, where she found everything, on the stove, either boiling over or try- ing to scorch.

The meat was too brown, and, hunt as she would, she could not find the sail. The time flew, how fast she did not realize. Peg in the meanwhile, was dressing as fast as possible, wondering all the time why Geraldine didn't come upstairs. Just as she was ready to give the finishing touches to her hair, the front door slammed, and she heard her husband. With Harold, there was a handsome fellow, who had a gay, care-free expression, which won a point in Peg's heart.

Surely, this couldn't be Geraldine's Mr. Leonard, the one she had met at the Easter hop? No, it was impossible, and so she let the supposition slip from her mind. This thought flashed over her: "So far, so good; but what is Geraldine to do? She can't leave the supper on the stove, while she goes upstairs to dress, neither can I leave the company to go and help her.

Leonard looks like a man who would understand such predicaments, and pass over them as jokes. I may as well explain the whole matter. They never noticed how Dick Leonard started at the mention of Geraldine Tremont's name.

They only noticed that he excused himself, very suddenly, on the plea of a cigarette, horn his overcoat pocket. But Dick had hurried out to the kitchen, where he found poor Geraldine flushed, but, none the less, pretty, and in a sea of trouble.

She, evidently, knew nothing of their arrival; and, certainly, knew nothing of his immediate presence, until he spoke. Geraldine looked up, startled — "You? But, almost immediately, she uncovered her face, and came forward, stretching her burned hands toward him, in welcome. He grasped them both, in his large, strong ones.

And why did you come out, and spoil it all? To think that I should see you again, and in such an unexpected way! Geraldine, why won't you accept my love? Harold and Peg, just reaching the doorway, unseen, gave each other an enquiring glance, then silently stole away.

Geraldine looked up into her lover's face, which shone with a new light, then, child-like, she rested her head on his shoulder, with a deep sigh of contentment.

The supper, on the stove, burned to ashes, but Dick had Geraldine, and Geraldine had Dick. What mattered supper to them? Sarah McLoud, ' My rest was further broken by the howling of dogs, and the whistling of the winds. But, gradually I sank down, down into the dark country where that famous beast of the equine species stood by me, and traveled with me, until time and space had vanished, and I seemed to exist as a disembodied spirit.

Untold centuries had passed, when I found myself standing once more on the familiar old campus of S. Nearby, was one of my College friends, Sara Stephenson, whom I recognized at once.

As I stood and surveyed the old grounds, I saw a magnificent marble building, and some smaller ones of stone, erected on the selfsame hill. Turning to my friend, I said: "What is the purpose of that great heaven-bound edifice? While we stood there conversing, a bell began to ring, and once again I asked: "What is that?

It cannot be the chapel bell; for, I see no students. I inquired further, of my old chum, as to the methods employed in teaching. She explained; and, by that time, I would not have been surprised had I seen people flocking down from all the other planets of the universe.

So clearly was the desired knowledge stamped upon the young minds, that even a wayfaring man, though a fool, need not err in receiving it. Instead of forcing the poor girls to study so hard, they had brought into existence a new method, which was destined to prove a success.

This involved the use of electricity, for transferring the knowledge of the books into the minds of the pupils. And, although this process was a little painful, it was a great factor towards making this institu- tion an ideal Woman's College. The teachers had also changed their mode of rule. Restrictions were no longer imposed upon the girls, but they were implicitly trusted. Thus, they could go up-town, or anywhere else, at any time they desired, and — without a chaperone.

And, by giving each girl a dose of this preparation, when she entered College, she was rendered trustworthy for the entire session, and could walk the streets of Statesville without winking an eye. The food, at this wonderful place, was to be obtained by pressing an electric button ; which, when done, would cause to appear any dish desired, and at any hour of the day or night.

Each room was amply supplied with these marvelous and convenient press- buttons. As I stood gazing upon these wonderful buildings, I saw, behind them, a weather- beaten structure, and many people working therein. A great crowd had assembled, and I turned to a by-stander to ask the cause of this excitement.

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  1. May 20,  · Explore releases from Baby Jail at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Baby Jail at the Discogs Marketplace. Baby Jail: Truckerboy Sell This Version: Baby Jail: 3 Songs ‎ (7") Lux Noise: Switzerland: Sell This Version: Baby Jail: Gips ‎ (CD, Single) Lux Noise: Switzerland: Sell.
  2. Moonshine Baby Single, * Zum Glück Single, * BébéGel LP/CD, * The Polo Lovers Single, * Truckerboy Single, * I won't go back to school Single, * Primitiv LP/CD/MC, * Trau keinem über 11 Kinder-MC, * 3 Songs Single, * Live Souvenir LP/CD, * Tubel Trophy CD-Single, * Trendy LP/CD/MC,*.
  3. May 20,  · Baby Jail. プロフィール: Swiss alternative pop/rock group singing in Swiss German. Formed in , disbanded on 28 May Baby Jail: Truckerboy Baby Jail: Auf Wiedersehen (Photo Album) (Comp) 2 バージョン: COD Music (3) Switzerland: このバージョンを出品: 2 .
  4. 8 ★ Mirajul celor £/saptamana ca sofer in UK E ora si paradoxal dupa o saptamana de munca am ajuns acasa cu chef de scris. Nu am mai scris de ceva vreme buna pe blog si .
  5. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (German pronunciation: [ʔaʊf ˈviːdɐˌzeːən ˈpɛt]) is an English comedy-drama programme about seven English construction workers who leave England to search for employment overseas. In the first series, the men live and work on a building site in Dü series was created by Franc Roddam after an idea from Mick Connell, a bricklayer from Stockton-on-Tees Created by: Franc Roddam.
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