The Parallax View (Nordic Dub) - A Split - Second - The Parallax View (CD)

Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Beatty traces the chain of conspiracy back to a shadowy Los Angeles outfit named the Parallax Corp. They seem to be in the business of identifying potential assassins, signing them up and hiring them out to clients. Any client will do; Parallax doesn't seem to be politically oriented and just practices good old American capitalism. Their method has a kind of neat logic to it.

They place magazine ads geared to attract a certain personality type: loners, insecure, lacking in self-esteem, in search of authority figures yet resentful of them and capable of murder.

The most likely candidates are given an advanced psychological test. The ones with high grades are assassin material. October 28, Full Review…. March 15, Full Review…. October 14, Rating: A Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews May 06, It's silly in the way most of the paranoid conspiracy thrillers from the 70s are and yet it's not without genuine suspense.

The opening sequence and the climax are both damn near perfectly executed. Alec B Super Reviewer. Jul 15, Always technically brilliant and oftentimes thrilling, ace paranoid thriller The Parallex View isn't the best '70s conspiracy tale but its slick presentation ranks it near the top of the genre nonetheless.

In a day and age when the U. In fact, this View seems almost prescient. If only more of Parallex dated as well. Also, the then landmark hypnotic film-within-a-film orientation sequence lasts too long for modern Still, the concept and thrills hold up even when some of the twist and fisticuffs come across ham fisted. Thanks to a screen icon at the top of his game and a director just hitting his stride, however, the View is always magnificent.

In this R-rated conspiracy thriller, an ambitious reporter Warren Beatty uncovers a vast conspiracy involving a multinational corporation behind every event in the worlds headlines while investigating a senator's assassination. Pakula's 'Paranoia Trilogy,' The Parallex View didn't fare as well come awards time Jane Fonda bagged an Oscar for her performance in the former and he himself won Best Director for the latter but the film is every bit as stylish. Framing modern marvels Seattle's Space Needle!

Long takes allow the ambitious script some room to breathe. In hiring cinematographer Gordon Willis, however, he spun a golden straw man story into cinematic gold The lived-in newspaper offices, wood paneled taverns, and spare motel rooms all get bathed in low light by a shadowy canopy that brilliantly heightens the worrisome tension.

And then, there's Warren Beatty. At this point in his career, he has already proven himself time Splendor in the Grass and time Bonnie and Clyde and time again McCabe and Mrs. Miller , he had already proven himself a top shelf actor with a gift for making anti-heroes sympathetic, but here, he hit a new low.

Playing a recovering alcoholic reporter who wings his investigative application, this superstar daringly makes for an awesome political pawn.

Jeff B Super Reviewer. Jun 01, Old fashioned and not very convincing today, this conspiracy political thriller in the vein of All the President's Men and The Three Days of Condor still has some gripping moments.

The airplane bomb sequence is full of suspence and the watrefall scene is a wonderful set-piece. The cinematography has some nice subtle camera movements and some good -but too obvious- shots that try to capture the paranoia feeling such as shots of glistering glass-made buildings of Parallax corporation but it shows its age; especially its color and the television-reportage sensibility can be seen today for the rhetoric devise that it is.

The paranoid psychology of America of the times shines through this short-lived genre of conspiracy thrillers that were a reaction to the uneasiness that individuals were feeling in the midst of a political system that seemed greater than them; the political scandals seemed to be the tip of the iceberg of a whole mechanism that normal citizens had no access.

The messages are always pessimistic and give a sense of disillusionment with politics. But these films never amount to a serious political statement; at their best however they give an echo of Kafka without the existential connotations. There is a certain charm in them but not any real depth despite their pretentions for the contrary. George M Super Reviewer. Nov 29, It's a solid effort from Alan J. Pakula, who practically made a career out of these kinds of films.

Joseph Frady : Listen, you wouldn't be offended if I called the police, would you? Wicker : No, but you don't have to call very far because Red's a deputy. And if that isn't good enough, I'm the sheriff. Joseph Frady : You got some interesting ideas about law enforcement. Wicker : I could have stopped the fight. I would have if you'd have been gettin' whipped, but I dearly love seeing ol' Red get stomped.

Joseph Frady : He's your deputy? Wicker : Well, you see he's my sister's boy Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Language: English. Runtime: min. Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Color Technicolor. Edit page. September Streaming Picks. Editors' Picks: Netflix Highlights. Clear your history. Joseph Frady. Rintels is poisoned by the senator's killer and bomb-planter and the tapes disappear. Frady goes to the Parallax offices to see Younger, and is told he is not there, but then sees him leaving the building.

He follows the operative to the dress rehearsal for a political rally for Senator George Hammond and hides in the auditorium's catwalks to observe Parallax agents, who are posing as security personnel. Frady attempts to follow one of the men back to the auditorium, but finds he had been locked in the catwalk area. As Hammond drives a golf cart across the auditorium floor, an unseen sniper fatally shoots him, causing pandemonium below.

Frady realizes too late he has been set up as a scapegoat and attempts to flee across the catwalks, but is spotted by the police who are now in the auditorium below. As Frady runs to the reopened exit door from the catwalks, a shadowy agent steps through, killing Frady with a shotgun. Six months later, the same committee that investigated Carroll's death reports that Frady, acting alone, killed Hammond out of paranoia and misguided patriotism.

The film is based on a novel by Loren Singer. While the novel followed witnesses of John F. Kennedy's assassination who were killed, the screenplay shifted the victim to a fictional politician closely resembling Robert F. The distinctive anamorphic photography, with long lens, unconventional framing, and shallow focus was supervised by Gordon Willis. The Space Needle in Seattle, Washington is featured extensively in the first assassination sequence.

Frady is often filmed from great distances, suggesting that he is being watched. Most of the images used in the assassin training montage were of anonymous figures or patriotic backgrounds, featuring among others Richard Nixon , Adolf Hitler , Pope John XXIII , and Lee Harvey Oswald in the picture taken moments after his shooting.

The montage "captures the confusion of post-Kennedy America" by demonstrating the decay of values and longstanding traditions.

A Split Second's sound had by now coalesced into a mix of programmed industrial beats, synthesizers, heavily distorted guitars, and alternately melodic and vicious vocals; unsurprisingly, they were signed in America to the Wax Trax! label, which issued From the Inside in

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  1. Aug 10,  · Definitely one of A Split Second's finest moments, The Parallax View is a hyperactive, ravey blast of balls out industrial it's remixed enough times to keep everyone happy. This is a fast, wonderfully produced 12", with a new wave/synthpop style and /5(77).
  2. Artist: A Split Title: Second Catalog Number: AS Label: Antler-subway Released: Vinyl condition: 10 Sleeve condition: 10 Tracks: "A1 The Parallax View (Warp Mix) () A2 The Parallax View (Bleep Mix) () A3 The Parallax View (Nordic Dub) () B1 The Parallax View (Warp Radio Edit) () B2 The Parallax View (Original Mix) () B3 The Pa.
  3. The Parallax View (Warpmix) 2: The Parallax View (Bleepdubmix) 3: The Parallax View (Nordic Dub) 4: The Parallax View (Warp Radio Edit) 5: The Parallax View (Original Mix) 6: The Parallax View (Scandinavian Mix) /5(10).
  4. Definitely one of A Split Second's finest moments, The Parallax View is a hyperactive, ravey blast of balls out industrial it's remixed enough times to keep everyone happy. This is a fast, wonderfully produced 12", with a new wave/synthpop style and sensibilities, very polished and complete /5.
  5. The Parallax View is a American political thriller film produced and directed by Alan J. Pakula, and starring Warren Beatty, Hume Cronyn, William Daniels and Paula screenplay by David Giler and Lorenzo Semple Jr. was based on the novel by Loren Singer. Robert Towne did an uncredited story concerns a reporter's investigation into a secretive organization, the.
  6. Jun 28,  · Directed by Alan J. Pakula. With Warren Beatty, Paula Prentiss, William Daniels, Walter McGinn. An ambitious reporter gets in way-over-his-head trouble while investigating a senator's assassination which leads to a vast conspiracy involving a multinational corporation behind every event in the world's headlines.
  7. The Parallax View () is a work of critical theory by Slavoj Žiž many of Žižek's books, it covers a wide range of topics, including philosophy, psychoanalysis, neuroscience, politics, literature, and film.

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