Still - Audiodump - Sleep EP (File, MP3)

The Adult Swim community website has a partnership with the independent music label Stones Throw Records amongst many other music labels and artists.

Reviews Add Review. Lists Add to List Electronic by stefanmarkovic. Favorite Labels by soulchap. Good Labels by Electronic Music List by Cburnette Favorite Labels by eeeben. Watchlist by Darkgod Favorite Labels by bwrdbwrdbwrd. Favorite Record Labels by superhairymusic. Favorite Labels by Dreamseed. Favorite Labels by theodore3. One of the wrinkles of combining old technology with new technology I guess and using the juke box in a way the designers could never had intended.

Your track is perfect because I can select it from the jukebox, then play whatever I want over my BlueTooth connection. When I tire of listening to source from my phone or tablet, I press the button on the back of the juke box to skip the rest of the hour-long track and return to tunes on the Juke Box.

I can also program the juke box never to select the silent track CD as part of the regular shuffling of the songs on the juke box. Big explanation, but your files are useful in more ways that you might have imagined!

Post a comment. Flaws in products call for hacks, so that's why I tried to solve the following annoyingness. Lots of people listen to their mp3 player in bed and fall asleep with the music still on.

That will most probably disturb your good night's rest, and apart from that you will wake up with an empty battery. And we don't want either of these, do we. I figured that a small hack could solve both problems: put a very long silent MP3 in your playlist. You could peacefully sleep over it and it wouldn't drain your player's power either. So I generated a set of MP3 files that occupy just 3. They are encoded at 8 bits, mono and 8 KHz the minimum sound quality playable by most players.

The links are at the bottom of this post, packed as. This is how it works: Determine how long you want to sleep, e. Download the corresponding silent mp3 file and put it in your playlist just after the track by which you will likely fall asleep. If you don't have a playlist, simply rename the mp3 so that it is played after the last music track you want. Go to bed with your favorite music, fall asleep and enjoy the silence. Get up, switch off your mp3 player, and have a croissant.

Everything from shredded kazoos, hoovers, electronica to good ol' electric guitars turned up to 11 are here in all their wanky glory. Nigel Tufnel would be proud. Civilian Contracted Interrogator Project Gemini Controlled Flight Into Terrain Lunch At The Modern Squirrel Attack schnauzer mix Three Gents In A Jam Just for fire starters, Dr. Wylie sends off ten electronic lambasts by way of free download.

Entering his musical career at childhood practicing the piano and researching past infamous doctors Doom, Strange, Wily, etc. Producing and arranging Toussaint Morrison's past 3 mixtapes to national success and CMJ hip-hop charts, Wylie takes a smoke break to slip you his entrance album, I wanted to search a bit different language or just to try something else in electronic.

Emerald Park was at that time a completely different band, with different band members and a different musical preference. During the recording of "Sadness Within" the guys listened to bands such as Wilco, Jayhawks and Calexico. After the release of the record they wanted to find something else. They wanted the sounds to be New York Citys Hall of Fame tread similar aesthetic waters as the psyche folk of Tower Recordings and the improvised partially composed music of the Dead C.

Their debut is filled with primitive rhythms, droning violin, skipping records, unplugged electric guitars, bowed cymbals, violin, drums, bass and a wealth of found sounds. This Quadruple CD is an important historical reference work for research into this hitherto unreported and unknown field of espionage. The CDs contain recordings spanning the last twenty years; taken from the private archives of dedicated shortwave radio listeners from around Squares is an exploration in simple, looping music with the use of just one sample sound and a delay module to create five short introspective pieces.

Attila is a half an hour of folk-rock charged with delta wonk. Short Hand plays like a wild man on these twelve tracks. The instrumentation is raw, most striking his voice, which he wields like a voodoo stick to fling swamp mud at a rock 'n' roll sky. Thematically, the song cycle is just as solid and forceful, taking up subjects like self-assurance and existential fearlessness and evoking giants of history like Attila the Hun and Muhammad Ali that reverberate even through the "softer" This unique Christmas album is a project which, as reviewer Tom Lennie predicted, has become a consistent favourite in many households during the festive season.

It is also the name of a collective, a group of like-minded musicians and artists, some of whom appear on this album. Maybe, if the piano was on fire and the girl at the edge of a cliff. This session was co-produced by the esteemed Tony Visconti, known for his work on albums by David Bowie, T. Rex, Sparks, Thin Lizzy, and more. Limited edition cassette E. You may also find us at facebook.

Recorded in Linnavuori, Finland, with cassette four-track recorder. Featuring Jari Koho a. Music To Sleep. Publisher: Reticode Downloads: Publisher: Rhino Apps Team Downloads: Music to sleep. Publisher: Licona Apps Downloads: 8. Sleep Music. Publisher: Relimobi Downloads: 1. Results 1 - 10 of 15,

Paradoxical album of hope I will not abandon hope. With hope!! EPV_ / ''no hope''N.N.A If you download this album at bandcamp, immediate download of album in your choice of MP3 , FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

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  1. Stations that play Audiodump. Jazz World Class Jazz. FRISKY Radio. Feelin' Frisky? V Charlotte's Best Variety of Hits & Ol' School. The Rap MIXX. The Best in Old School Rap. FM Mellow Gold. Your Lifestyle, Your Music. See More. Albums. Love EP. Sleep EP. Sports, music, news and podcasts. Hear the audio that matters most to you.
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  3. Free Music Exclusive from AcousticSheep These carefully crafted tracks by AcousticSheep feature binaural beats that can help gently sooth your brainwaves and lull you into a deep sleep. Try them completely FREE tonight while wearing SleepPhones, the most comfortable headphones for sleeping. Each one is available as an MP3 or a video.
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  5. MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3) is a standard technology and format for compressing a sound sequence into a very small file while preserving the original level of sound quality when it is played. MP3 provides near CD quality audio. It is one of the most common music file types. If you need to download mp3 file, just choose the size od get it for free.
  6. I want to use an mp3 player for learning while in the alpha state of waking and falling asleep. I've found this article amongst the web archives, which is a bit old by now: MP3 player with an auto-OFF sleep timer and an auto-ON wake-up timer In th.
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