Seis - Ganez The Terrible & Destro (10) - Numeros (File, Album)

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While we think of Destro as one man, there have actually been three Destros. The first is the original James McCullen, of course. The second was his son, Alexander McCullen. Introduced in 's G. Alexander took over the family business and identity of Destro until the real Destro recovered and seized control again. In the case of Destro, a character named Red Jackal started out as a driver that was disfigured in an accident, forcing him to wear the metal mask. He was renamed Destro later on.

Since the beginning of their relationship, Destro has shown only tolerance for Cobra Commander while secretly plotting to take over Cobra for himself. He's had to deal with the Commander's mania for years and Destro is powerful and smart enough to run his own organization in the form of the Iron Grenadiers and M. In a few cases, Destro succeeded. For instance in , G. Joe disbanded. When Cobra Commander tried to rebuild his organization, Destro and the Baroness took over.

It took a long time for the Commander to put himself back in charge again, having to resort to brainwashing his own crew and conquering multiple fronts. It was fun while it lasted. Joe vs. Joe and Transformers are both properties owned by Hasbro so it made a kind of twisted sense to combine the two.

Starting in the first issue by Josh Blaylock and Mike S. Miller, the comic imagined an alternate timeline where Cobra discovered the Ark and Destro worked with Dr. Mindbender to turn the robots into remote-controlled tools of the terrorist organization. As you can imagine, Cobra became much more powerful with tanks and fighter jets that could turn into giant robots at its command.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it , Destro's handiwork was short-lived because the Transformers were able to rebel against their programming and break away from Cobra. In the movie G. Joe: The Rise of Cobra , we saw the origin of Destro played out live on screen for the first time. When his face was burned, Cobra Commander injected him with nano-mites that turned his face into a metal mask.

Eccleston wasn't actually the first choice for the role. David Murray was the first one cast as Destro for Rise of Cobra but he had problems with his visa that kept him from getting into the United States in time to start shooting. Murray later had a role in the movie, playing Destro's ancestor in the flashback that showed the origin of the mask.

As a multi-billionaire with centuries of wealth behind him, Destro doesn't just make do with a mansion in Beverly Hills. No, Destro's home is a castle that's been passed down for centuries through his family. Originally located in the highlands of Scotland, Castle Destro is a monument to the fortune and ruthlessness of his ancestors.

Offering the Commander an explanation for the doppelganger as well as the hi-tech Destro family helmet that aided Alex in his deception, Destro agrees to work with Cobra until such time that he feels the debt is paid. Soon after this, the Baroness is kidnapped by the Yakuza, and Destro teams up with G.

Joe Flint has also gone missing to rescue her. In the fight, Alex proves his newfound loyalty to his father, and follows orders exactly. The Commander is captured by Serpentor, now in charge of the Coil. When he and a group of Joes affect an escape, he contacts Destro, stating "assist me, and all debts are clear".

After the battle, the Commander has disappeared, and Destro is left, seemingly against his desires, in charge of Cobra. So when the Commander finally surfaces with Storm Shadow in tow, Destro takes the opportunity to leave Cobra, for good and all. In a shocking twist, however, the Baroness does not join him. Heading up his own operations in an attempt to finally put M.

Sending in Iron Grenadiers disguised as Sierra Muerto mercenaries, Destro then approaches President Delacruz for permission to build weapon factories within Sierra Gordo borders in exchange for routing the invaders. Intending for the President to be assassinated, and Gomes to take control of both countries, Destro would then be positioned as the region's biggest gun runner.

This elaborate scheme was derailed by Duke, who had helped foster peace between the warring countries before Destro began his machinations, and arrested the arms dealer.

Put on trial by the U. Taking his offer, the Joes are charged with transporting Destro by train, to lure Cobra into a trap. Defeating his foe, the Commander shoots Hawk in the back, only to be shot himself, by the Baroness. The ruse is successful, and the Commander is in U. Cobra begins to solidify under Destro's leadership, as the search for a mysterious Tempest device drives their new campaign.

But even this very dedicated attempt by Destro to take hold of Cobra is short lived, when it is revealed that Zartan, not the Commander, was captured by G. Freeing Zartan, the Commander emerges from hiding, and overthrows Destro one last time. During the coup, the Baroness and Wraith charged with her personal safety are seemingly killed when the Commander detonates the Night Raven they are aboard. As happened many years before when the Baroness' HISS tank exploded, Destro is incapacitated by his grief, and sits rotting in a Cobra prison as the Commander takes over a much more efficient Cobra.

Escaping from Cobra when the Red Shadows attempted a worldwide take-over, Destro resurfaces literally a year later a much different man. Now operating from a submarine, Destro has become embittered and distant from both his son Alex, and Wraith, who somehow avoided boarding the Night Raven before its explosion.

He aids Vance Wingfield in attacking the United States with shielded satellites as he brokers a deal with China. When Scarlett is overtaken by BATs while attempting to contact former Cobra agent Cesspool , Destro is revealed to be pulling the strings. Torturing Scarlett for information, Destro is undermined by Alex, who attempts to rid them of the dangerous G.

Joe prisoner. When the Joes eventually catch up to him, Destro sets the sub to self-destruct, and escapes with Alex.

Snake Eyes is trapped in a flooded corridor, though he is later revived with "ninja magic". After his rehabilitation, Destro gives Alexander a new mask, formally naming him heir to the Destro legacy.

However, when the Baroness escapes from G. Joe custody, Destro is lured into a trap by the Cobra Commander. In exchange for his infant son, Eugen, Destro not only turns over the M. Empire, but Alexander as well, to Cobra Commander. To combat M. Joe team to find Destro and the Baroness. Storm Shadow strikes a deal with Destro to aid the Joes, with the proviso that when Cobra is defeated Destro will turn himself over to the authorities.

Destro and Sparks succeed in disarming the Cobra-controlled satellites. Destro then flies to Europe with the Baroness to stop Alexander and his Iron Grenadier, supported by the Baroness' secret army: Athena.

Upon recognizing Destro, the Iron Grenadier cease combat. Destro manifests his disapproval to Alexander who takes off the family mask and walks away from his raging father. Armada shoots Alexander to death, thinking that's what Destro wanted. Destro walks away carrying his deceased son, while the Baroness kills Armada. It is later revealed that Destro was true to his word and turned himself in to the authorities, while Baroness has evaded capture. In one of the series' final scenes, Baroness is seen watching his trial on TV with their child Eugen.

In the mids, IPC's Battle Action Force weekly comic in conjunction with Palitoy began to conform their storylines to more closely resemble the Hasbro toyline. Destro was introduced as the second incarnation of the Red Shadows character, Red Jackal, driver of the Hyena tracked vehicle.

The Commander sprayed acid into Jackal's face, but chose to spare his life and renamed him Destro. For more detail see Red Jackal's transition to Destro. As in other continuities, the loyalties of this version of Destro were suspect. In School for Snakes , he confronted his former colleague the Black Major , who had also survived Ironblood's treachery and sworn revenge.

They conspired to kill Cobra Commander, after which Destro would take over the organization, supplying the Major with the means to disappear into obscurity.

But when a group of Cobra loyalists led by the Baroness fought back, Destro decided that he could not risk being exposed, turning against and seemingly killing the Black Major—who survived. Destro features heavily in the magazine's original content, as the most prolific of Cobra's members and personal antagonist to Flint and Lady Jaye.

Because of Marvel UK's serial nature, Destro is not as complex as his American counterpart, being portrayed as an actual villain, willingly fighting Action Force and arming Cobra. He is highly manipulative, not just using Action Force in his schemes but also trying to manipulate Cobra Commander; he believes Cobra can win in the long term, but that the Commander is too excessive and, if not subtly controlled, will go too far and cause the Great Powers of the world to wipe Cobra out.

Destro features prominently in this series of four crossover miniseries which pose the question: What if Cobra discovered the Ark, and rebuilt the Autobots and Decepticons as weapons of war? Destro helped provide Cobra with the technology to rebuild and control the Cybertronians, and even pilots Soundwave on a mission. He was later part of the Cobra plot to steal the Constitution where he fights the G. Joe agent Roadblock. Devil's Due created a mini-series based on Sigma 6.

It follows the style and the content of the animated series, spotlighting a different member of Sigma 6 and Cobra in each issue. Destro appears in the first issue, battling Duke in Guam.

In the s G. Joe animated series, Destro was voiced by Arthur Burghardt. Destro is not afraid to say what is on his mind and even physically assaults him in some cases. Cobra Commander usually just lets him get away with it because he is the only one who would know how to operate the doomsday devices he makes. Destro is the creator of such technological super weapons as the Weather Dominator.

He has also created some organic implements of destruction such as the Creeper Vine, as seen in The Revenge of Cobra miniseries. Furthermore, while Cobra Commander was generally portrayed as a bungler, Destro was both a more serious and more competent villain.

The origin of Destro's mask is given in the first-season episode "Skeletons in the Closet". In this episode, it is revealed that an ancestor of Destro's was convicted of witchcraft and forced to wear a hideous metal mask that marked the nature of his crime. As a mark of defiance, all of this man's descendants chose to wear masks, Destro included. This episode also revealed that Destro shared a common ancestor with G.

Joe member Lady Jaye. In season two, having grown tired of Cobra Commander's failures, Destro joins Doctor Mindbender and Tomax and Xamot in an attempt to create a new leader. They eventually succeed when they create Serpentor. It appears as though Destro realizes Serpentor is growing too powerful and that under Cobra Commander's leadership he had more power within Cobra, and in the final episode of the second season he is helping Cobra Commander and the Coil, an organization built by the Commander to eliminate Serpentor, Doctor Mindbender and G.

Joe in one sweep. Destro has a supporting role in G. In the final battle between the Joes and Cobra-La, Destro is seen fighting, but it is not revealed how he escaped from the explosion that destroyed the rest of Cobra-La. Joe , Destro voiced by Maurice LaMarche [41] has survived the events of the movie and is now Serpentor's right-hand man. He now sports a gold mask and 'Iron Grenadier' uniform with cape. Apparently having tired of the Baroness, Destro is now in a relationship with Zarana.

Once he has returned, Cobra Commander contacts Destro, who informs the Commander he will join him again if he is able to overthrow Serpentor. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. DPReview Digital Photography. East Dane Designer Men's Fashion. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Deals and Shenanigans.

Buenas tardes, Hoy os presento la primera de las 10 partes del especial DESTROZA ESTE: pin. Destroza este diario (Spanish Edition): Keri Smith: Destroza este diario (Spanish Edition): Keri Smith: Books: pin. Destroza este .

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  4. Created and managed by artist Ganez aka The Terrible. Ganez The Terrible & Destro (10) Ganez The Terrible & Destro (10) - Numeros ‎ (8xFile, WAV, Album) Central Music Ltd: Lp France: Lp Ganez The Terrible: Best Of Vol 1 (Special Hard Techno).
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  7. Toys A Real American Hero toy line. Destro was first released as an action figure in , as a part of the second series of 3 3 ⁄ 4" G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero figures. This initial version featured a silver, vacuum-metalized head. In , a second version was produced, this time with a gold vac-metalized head. This figure was released as part of the Iron Grenadiers faction, and the.

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