Пятнистый Ягуар - Various - Союз-24 (CD)

Speciality: Ungulates. Deputy Director, Zoovet: Igor G. Pushkina, Deputy Director, Zoovet: Valerii M. Mammals 75 spp. Bolsherechye Zoo Omskaya obl. Sovetov, Opened in July Tel. Deputy Director, Zoovet. Mammals 70 spp. Brykin Bor. Okskii Reserve. Curator, the Wisent Nursery: Ekaterina L.

Curator, the Nursery of Cranes: Tatyana A. Mammals 1 spp. Total: 7 spp. Speciality: breeding and introduction into the wild the rare species of cranes and wisents. Vladivostok Okeanarium Akvamir Vladivostok, ul. Batareinaya, 4. Opened in july Tel. Executive Director: Igor Glebovich Tkachuk. Curator, exsposition: Mikhail Sergeevich Streltsov. No reply. Ekaterinburg Zoo Ekaterinburg, ul. Mamina-Sibiryaka, Deputy Director: Ilya S.

Mammals 77 spp. Kamchatka Zoo Kamchatskaya obl. Lenina, A. Mammals 36 spp. Zheleznogorsk Zoo Krasnoyarskii krai, Zheleznogorsk, 1, ul.

Head, Zoo: Aleksandr A. Vets: Nadezhda I. Mammals 17 spp. Total: 49 spp. Zelenogorsk Zoo Krasnoyarskii krai, Zelenogorsk, ul. Deputy Director: Tamara I. Mammals 48 spp. Khadi-Taktash, Opened at botsad. Scientific Director: Aleksandr V. Mammals 52 spp. Plants spp. Speciality: bears, birds of prey. Kaliningrad Zoo Kaliningrad, prospekt Mira, Deputy Director: Boris N.

Mammals 57 spp. Speciality: tropical animals. Sverdlovskaya, Deputy Director, Zoovet: Yurii A. Mammals 87 spp. Gruzinskaya, 1.

The zoo was opened in Tel. Deputy Directors: Andrei P. Presnyakov finances ; Valentin N. Gorval zoology and veterinary ; Vladimir E. Frolov science and education. Tatyana F. Andreeva scientific-methodical department ; Dept.

Animal collection officer: Lyubov Y. Senior Vet. Staff 1, Area 21, ha. Mammals spp. Speciality: breeding of rare carnivores, ungulates, primates, cranes, birds of prey, waterfowl. Scientific Director: Olga V. Speciality: cats, martens, grouses. Penza Zoo Penza, ul. Krasnaya, Deputy Director: Aida N. Mammals 61 spp.

Speciality: breeding of bustards, parrots. Perm Zoo Perm, ul. Ordzhonikidze, Deputy Director: Tatyana P. Deputy Director, Zoovet: Nina E. Samara Zoo Samara, prospekt Kirova, Mammals 40 spp. Leningrad Zoo Sankt-Peterburg, Aleksandrovskii park, 1. Curator, Collection: Natalya B. Vet: Innokentii V. Speciality: waterfowl birds, little carnivores, rodents, primates, even-toed ungulates. Seversk Wildlife Park Seversk, Tomskaya obl.

Scientific Director: Sergei P. Deputy Director, Zoovet: Natalya G. Mammals 56 spp. Speciality: animals of Siberia and Far East. Pamfilova, 3-b. Curator, Collection: Andrei I. Mammals 7 sp. Deputy Director: Svetlana Yu. Mammals 4 spp. Total: 83 spp. Speciality: breeding and conservation the rare species of reptiles. Surgut Mini-Zoo Tyumenskaya obl.

Opened at September Tel. Head, Mini-zoopark: Aleksandr M. Mammals 23 spp. Tula Exzotarium Tula, ul. Oktyabrskaya, Mammals 16 spp. Speciality: reptiles, centre of reptiles breeding. Chelyabinsk Zoo Chelyabinsk, ul. Truda, Deputy Directors: Leonid S. Gurvich, Valentina S. Total: 69 spp. Detskaya, 4. Mammals 28 spp. Total: 97 spp.

Speciality: Sakhalin fauna and flora. Tashkent Zoo Tashkent, ul. Bogishamol, a. Scientific Director: Aziz A. Mammals 59 spp. Speciality: birds of prey. Frunze, Director, Reserve: Viktor S. Scientific Director: Natalya I. Curator, Dept. Zoopark 77 ha. Mammals 42 spp. Speciality: birds, ungulates. Kiev Zoo Kyiv Zoo, prospekt Peremohy, Kyiv Ukraine. Deputy Director, Zoovet: Lubov I.

Mammals 86 spp. Deputy Director: Evgenii V. Reptiles 16 spp. Total: 25 spp. Leontovicha, 1. Deputy Director, Zoovet: Yurii E. Deputy Director: Aleksandra F. Scientific Director: Vladimir V. Opened at Tel , Fax: Web. Mammals 84 spp. Speciality: reptiles and carnivores. Total: 85 spp. Speciality: rare species of domestic animals. Mammals 35 spp.

Speciality: Palearctic fauna. Czech Republic. Open in Tel. Mammals 10 spp. Total: 40 spp. Kostava, Scientific Director: Giorgii D. Karaganda Zoo Karaganda, ul. Ermekova, Deputy Director: Sergei M. Meza prospekts, 1. Riga LV Opened at Tel. Curator, Collection: Guna Vitola. Mammals 98 spp. Radvilenu pl. Head Biologist: Virginiya Raudyalyunene. Mammals 85 spp. Ivanovo Zoo Ivanovo, ul. Leningradskaya, d.

Deputy Director: Olga G. Curator, Collection: Maksim E. Mammals 62 spp. Director: Aslanbi M. Deputy Director: Khizyr M. Mammals 71 spp. Dushanbe Zoo Dushanbe, pr. Ismoili Somoni, Deputy Director. Mammals 29 spp. Total: 93 spp. Ashgabat Zoo Ashgabat, ul. Azadi, Deputy Director: Nikolai I.

Speciality: Ungulates of Middle Asia. Odessa Zoo Odessa, Novoshepnoy Ryad, Deputy Director, Zoovet: Boris P. Mammals 30 spp. Speciality: rare animals of South Ukraine. Safarova, Deputy Director: Tulkon Tursunov. Rovno Zoo Rovno, ul. Kievskaya, Deputy Director: Leonid V.

Cherkassy Zoo Cherkassy, ul. Smelyanskaya, Vitebsk Zoo Vitebsk, ul. Kupaly, Deputy Director: Pavel G. Mammals 12 spp. Total: 36 spp. Zhlobin Zoo Gomelskaya obl. Zhlobin, ul. Marksa, a. Petr V. Total: 68 spp. Deputy Director: Saya F. Curator, Biological department: Venera E. Mammals 22 spp. Zholoba, b. Deputy Director: Aleksandra V. Closed in winter. Total: 44 spp. Arkhara, per. Dorozhnyi, 6. Head, Station: Rimma S. Birds 8 spp. Speciality: breeding and reintroduction of rare species of cranes and breeding of rare species birds of the Far East.

Opened in Barnaul, Altaiskii krai, ul. Popova, Tel. Director: Konstantin M. Deputy Director: Viktor N. Birds 9 spp. Speciality: breeding of birds of prey. Pushkina, d Opened in Tel. Chief, Zoopark: Elena V. Mammals 20 spp. Belgorod Zoo Belgorod, pr.

Khmelnitskogo, a. Deputy Director: Nikolai Yu. Violetta K. Total: 78 spp. Zoologist: Konstantin V. Voronezh Zoo Voronezh, ul. Osipenko, 6-a. Deputy Director: Svetlana I. Mammals 33 spp. Head, Zoopark: Evgenii M. Head, Nursery: Petr I. Birds 12 spp. Speciality: breeding and reintroduction into the wild the rare species of birds of prey. Prioksko-Terrasnyi State Biosphere Reserve. Central Wisent Nursery. Curator, Zubrovyi pitomnik: Natalya V. Mammals 2 spp. Speciality: breeding and reintroduction of wisents into the wild.

Izhevsk Zoo Udmurtiya, Izhevsk, ul. Gorkogo, Sovetskaya Opened in Tel. Director, Branch: Elena I. Mammals 6 spp. Total: 73 spp. Ordzhonikidze, 9-a. Deputy Director: Zakhar A. Mammals 26 spp. Krasnodar Ecologo-Biological Centre Krasnodar, ul. Deputy Director: Valentina V. Zoologist: Raisa I. Mammals 11 spp. Total: 80 spp. Nizhnii Novgorod Terrarium Nizhnii Novgorod, ul. Bolshaya Pokrovskaya, Dom Kultury im. Curator, Exposition: Lyudmila V.

Mammals 4 sp. Deputy Director: Vladimir M. Yaroshenko, 7-b. Deputy Director: Aleksandr M. Mammals 23 sp. Total: 74 spp. Nikel Mini-Zoo Murmanskaya obl. Oktyabrskaya, 1. Curator, Zoo: Galina A. Mammals 14 sp. Total: 33 spp. Att Mammals 20 spp.

Total: 84 spp. Marshala Zhukova, Deputy Director: Lyudmila V. Att Birds 64 spp. Saransk Zoo Mordoviya, Saransk, ul. Pervomaiskaya, 6. Deputy Director: Fatikh B. Mammals 28 sp. Total: 63 spp. Deputy Director: Alekcei I.

Created at Sukhumi Monkeys Nursery. Scientific Director: Prof. Eteri K. Dzhikidze, Dr. Valerii G. Curator, Monkeys Nursery: Karine Zh.

Curator, Exposition Department: Anaida A. Mammals 18 spp. Pechorskaya, Head, Zoopark: Natalya G. Mammals 19 sp. Total: 86 spp. Internatsionalnaya, Director, Zoobotsad: Evgenii E. Verkhnyaya Beryozovka. Deputy Director: Aleksei V. Curator, Zoo: Khanda S. Khabarovsk Zoo im. Sysoeva Khabarovsk, ul. Pervomaiskaya, d. Mammals 15 spp. Total: 38 spp. Cheboksary, bulvar Yunosti, a. Chief, Zoopark: Yurii E. Total: 98 spp. Head, Nauchno-eksperimentalnaya Baza: Gallina V. Chita Zoo Chita, ul. Deputy Director: Anatolii A.

Mammals 41 spp. Mammals 45 spp. Kagan Ecological Centre Dzheiran Bukharskaya obl. Deputy Director: Natalya V. Speciality: breeding of the rare species. Donetsk Zooexzotarium Donetsk, prospekt Kievskii, Deputy Director: Valerii V. Curator, Aquarium Complex: Sergei N. Reptiles 12 spp. Speciality: Black Sea Ichthyofauna. Barbus tetrazona var. Corbet G. A World List of Mammalian Species. Howard R. A complete checklist of the Birds of the World. It was attended by representatives of 25 zoos.

The open session, where research issues were discussed and reports on the current research projects were heard, was attended by about 50 participants. Further on the Presidium proposed for discussion the guidelines for monitoring the status of animal husbandry at EARAZA zoos and aquariums. After an animated discussion, the guidelines were approved. The conference adopted a decision on establishing a group of experts from the professional staff of EARAZA zoos and on the monitoring procedure, and developed the travel guidelines for members of the group visiting institutions in situ.

Due to the discussion of the above-mentioned issues, the question of admission of new members was postponed until the next conference. One of the most serious issues discussed at the closed session was the unethical behavior of some zoos, namely the Leningrad Zoo and the Flora and Fauna Park Royev Ruchey in Krasnoyarsk. Decrease verb The number of people who farm is decreasing.

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Обои: Большой пятнистый ягуар нюхает сухую траву Скачайте лучшие обои, фото и картинки на рабочий стол только у нас бесплатно за пару кликов!

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