Precarious Education - Masher (2) - Struggle For Life (Cassette)

Captains Hunnicutt and Pierce were involved in the most serious episode in saving a patient who lost an aorta. Major Houlihan -- starring Loretta Swit -- played a key role in this episode -- too -- in the fight against time from death because of acute renal failure or being paralyzed in the horrific situation.

The three of them told the helicopter pilot that twenty minutes stood between life and death after they approach surgery.

Mike Farrell's role in removing the aorta -- for the graft -- involved conflict with another wounded patient. His partner could not understand why the patient was more important than his own well-being; moreover, an eighteen-year-old was dying from a sever head wound within ten to twenty-two minutes.

Anger, conflict, spontaneity, determination, diligence, and worthiness were key elements in preventing the patient from dying after twenty minutes. The program should have rated at least a 14 out of 10; moreover, the description of fitting the graft in the surgery was a key factor in that show. Both Mike Farrell and Alan Alda did quite well in the fight against time. Way To Go!! Another must see episode!! Looking for some great streaming picks? Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist.

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Please let us know through our Contact Us page that you are having a problem and we will do our best to resolve it. Reducing Uncertainty is a good overview of what analysts strive for, the problems they are likely to encounter, and the actions necessary to achieve their analytical goals. In an earlier life, Ed Mickolus was a standup comic, and throughout his career in the CIA he was conscious of the humorous events that occurred in the course of day-to-day duties.

Perhaps the most famous involves the new employee who begins a career at CIA Headquarters doing routine, if not menial jobs, like disposing of classified waste after it is placed in specially marked burn bags. The rookie is tasked with carrying the bag to the burn chute, shouting his badge number down the open chute to alert those below that it is coming, and waiting for confirmation of receipt after the bag is sent down.

It is a long wait. Few ever admit to having performed this operation. There are a number of ingenious variations to this practical joke, and Mickolus notes several of them.

Then there is the one about the administrator who grew tired of the standard distribution restriction placed on documents. Their differing approaches presumably speak to the ethos of each organization. Mickolus devotes a chapter to that one. A number of humorous quotes are attributed to former directors. All of it will provoke at least a smile, but none of it is secret. New York: Crown Publishers, , pp. The present work covers some of the same ground but focuses on elements of the Bureau not previously revealed publicly.

Perhaps the most interesting are tales about the Tactical Operations Unit, which performs legal, state-of-the-art break-ins. These sometimes go awry despite excruciatingly detailed planning, which has to include imaginative escape scenarios.

It is surprising that Kessler was given access to this never-before-mentioned activity. Some stories have appeared before. Not all the tales are about national security or counterintelligence. There are no source notes in Secrets of the FBI.

The writing is brisk and his tone occasionally gossipy, but Kessler is easy to read. Overall, one gets a good picture of the scope and magnitude of the varied and difficult jobs performed by the Bureau. It is an interesting book. Readers should be cautioned not to accept these definitions as final, although they are reasonable points of departure. New York: Ballantine Books, , pp. How could it have happened? Journalists Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan spent a decade assembling and analyzing the mass of often conflicting public documentation.

Their result is a story containing a maddening mix of turf battles, gaps in data, misinterpretations, conspiracy theories, incompetence, and solid fact. The Eleventh Day is structured chronologically in seven parts. Parts 4 and 5 describe in great depth the roles of those who plotted the attacks and those who carried them out.

Finally, they comment on conflicting statements issued following the death of Bin Ladin. They even address the discord surrounding a mosque planned near Ground Zero. It also makes clear that coordinated intelligence at all levels is a vital element in international security. In general, it is a valuable effort. British intelligence analyst Glenmore Trenear-Harvey has written a useful compendium of espionage personalities and events associated with nuclear weapons from the s to the present.

In general, the entries provide summaries of activities of most of the key players and major cases. For reasons not explained, this dictionary does not include references, such as were found in earlier contributions to this series. And while there are fewer errors than in previous Historical Dictionaries , fact-checking remains an editorial problem that might be solved by an insistence on footnotes. For example, Elizabeth Bentley did not provide her detailed statement in September 23 ; that occurred in November of that year.

Morton Sobell was not released from Alcatraz Prison; he was released from a prison in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Still and overall, the Historical Dictionary of Atomic Espionage is a good place to start for those studying atomic espionage.

Berkeley, CA: Counterpoint, , pp. Carl Gustaf Mannerheim was born in Finland when it was a Russian province. He began his government service as a junior officer in the Imperial Russian Army and ended it as a marshal and the sixth president of independent Finland — The Imperial Russian Army did not want to be surprised again. Then Colonel Mannerheim was tasked to undertake a secret, overland mission to China to assess its warmaking capability, while making similar judgments about the other countries encountered en route.

Traveling undercover as a member of a scientific society, Mannerheim took two years to complete the trip. He wrote a detailed report of his findings that was eventually published as a book. Obtaining a Chinese visa or travel permit is one example.

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