Now and Then - Von Ra* - Von Ra (CD, Album)

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Reliably great stuff. This has been one of my most anticipated debut records of the year, and it definitely does not disappoint. Combined with its wistful, evocative and ancient aesthetic just look at that cover art! The opening title track is a neat encapsulation of everything that makes the band so good, offering burly, metallic chugs, raging oompah beats and a hulking, primitive breakdown in under two minutes.

In this particular instance, I guess you can believe the hype…. This comes recommended to all fans of progressive metal, but especially to those still clamouring for Opeth to return to their death metal days — this stuff will be like Mana from heaven for you guys, mark my words.

Well, the second album from Oakland power trio Necrot has got you covered this month, offering up a solid 40 minutes of pure riff action: no atmospheric intros, no wild synthesiser tangents, no orchestral passages, no samples, just riff after riff after gruesome, festering riff.

Retrieved 18 November Second Hand Songs. Retrieved 11 August Retrieved 21 October Jacques Brel. Les Bonbons Infiniment. Johnny Hallyday. The legends say that the Highkeeper slammed his weapon against his shield, causing the rain to cease and the clouds to part while the mountain beneath their feet rose higher and lightning and fire illuminated the skies so that Ra and his followers could better glimpse the titans. Lastly, the winds howled a sorrowful farewell.

Some time later, Ra was present during the empowering of the primitive proto-dragons and the creation of the five dragonflights. The Highkeeper channeled some of the powers of his creator, Aman'Thul , into the bronze dragon Nozdormu , granting him powers over time. One day, while the keepers were carrying out their work on Azeroth, they suddenly felt a great influx of power, and a surge of fragmented memories washed over them.

Puzzled, the keepers sent a message to the Pantheon , asking what just happened and why, but never received a reply. After a very long time, Ra realized that this was no mere anomaly, but the very last remnant of the Pantheon's spirits after the traitor Sargeras had slain his brethren. The Highkeeper struggled to accept the death of the Pantheon, and carefully extracted the lingering power of Aman'Thul before storing it in a mountain vault near the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

He thereafter retreated into the catacombs beneath the land, depressed, to meditate on what he had learned, giving up his task of protecting the planet and leaving his titan-forged servants to continue their work alone. The mogu continued to serve their master for many ages, even as Ra-den fell mysteriously silent.

Some time thereafter, however, the mogu were struck by the Curse of Flesh , which turned them from stony beings into creatures of flesh and blood. Soon, the mogu fell to infighting, and still, their master said nothing. Lei Shen announced his intent to "awaken the gods", and only his most loyal of followers followed him into the heart of the Thundering Mountain , where Ra resided.

The Highkeeper showed no reaction upon seeing Lei Shen, even as the mogu began asking him questions about the mogu's purpose. Weeks passed, and Lei Shen grew more and more frustrated, and still, Ra said nothing. When the mogu realized that Ra was not contemplating some grand plan, but had simply given up hope, Lei Shen unleashed his anger upon the keeper, accusing him of abandoning the work of the titans.

The harsh words finally woke Ra from his stupor, and the highkeeper brought the mogu to the place where he had stored the lingering soul of Aman'Thul. The revelation that the titans were dead did not, however, cause Lei Shen to fall into despair like Ra had.

Instead, the mogu decided that if the Pantheon were dead and their servant refused to continue their work, he would do so himself.

Without warning, Lei Shen incapacitated Ra, bound the keeper in great chains, and stole not only the keeper's power but also the power of Aman'Thul [18] though he never succeeded in harnessing Ra's two artifacts.

For Dillon, that means a surgical evisceration of her tangled arrangements. In a particular microsecond, there may be just a single element sounding, or, more often than not, a drop of silence. Drums are gated, reverb is kept to a minimum. Imagine Dr Von Hagens doing Body Worlds in dub, a network of pulsating vessels, suspended in empty space.

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  1. Explore releases from Ra at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Ra at the Discogs Marketplace.
  2. Now, if only he could get someone to let him chase them. RA's Mike Powell explains. in pictures. RA chronicles the year in partying from around the globe. Playing favourites: Adam X. Music to tag to, music for weddings, music we call techno: RA's Finn Johannsen plays the Brooklyn DJ/producer some of his favourite records. Clubbing in India.
  3. RA The Rugged Man has yet to receive the recognition he deserves, and he's been in the game for a long time now. Do yourself a favor, buy this, NOW, and support a talented artist. This album has music you can workout/run to, music you can relax to, and music you can cry to. This is the whole package. Forget the critics, 10//5().
  4. "Ra" (stylized in all caps) is a song recorded by Romanian singer Inna, digitally released on 27 September as the lead single from her sixth studio album, Yo (), by Global Records. It was entirely written in Spanish by Cristina Maria Chiluiza and Inna, while Sebastian Barac, Marcel Botezan and David Ciente handled the Global, Roc Nation.
  5. Ra are an American alternative metal/post-grunge band from Los Angeles, California, taking their name from the Egyptian sun god, Ra. The band was formed in , and took off.
  6. Vonray was an American alternative rock band from Orlando, Florida, United group formed around singer/songwriter Vaughan Rhea, originally from Tennessee, who had come to Orlando playing as an acoustic coffee shop act.
  7. Apr 10,  · Ash Ra Tempels Debütalbum blieb meiner Meinung nach auch ihr Meisterwerk, und nur wenige Krautrockalben aus jener Zeit haben so wenig Patina angesetzt wie diese im Sommer erstveröffentlichte Platte, die für mich in einer Reihe mit den grandiosen drei Alben von Neu! und den besten Alben von Popol Vuh, Can, Guru Guru und Kraan steht/5(32).
  8. RA concludes its week-long look back with our round-up of the best tracks of the past decade. In his recent book, Berlin, Techno and the Easy Jetset, Tobias Rapp claims that techno in the '00s was in many ways a reaction to techno from a decade earlier."The nineties were about rave and everything that went with it," he writes, "and then, after all the great successes and excesses, the whole.

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