Nothing Goes Right - Various - TV-Freak Night (VHS)

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Expectations exceeded. Minds blown. James Baker really proved his worth tonight. He totally proved he still has it and the musical combination of he and Baker has been greatly missed. The guitar sound was perfect and the playing was crisp. Ray Ahn was the perfect foil, never once trying to do too much or seeming out of place. Just right. There were a few false starts here and there, but that was all part of the fun, and to be expected. We had a chat with guitarist Will Schorer.

It is, we must admit, an intriguing name. One thing that we all agree on is that the song structure and melody comes first. The recording process was a really great experience and Aidan did a great job with the final mix and master, too. We keep things pretty simple in terms of effects and the like, so what you hear on the recording is what you get when we play live.

Photos by Matt Jelonek Flower Drums. The action will be fast and furious with the likes of Doctopus, Aborted Tortoise, Yokohomos and Emu Xperts joining them for a night of mayhem. Doors open at 8pm. Aiding and abetting them for the evening are the fantastic Axe Girl and Tricky Triscari. Doors open 8pm. Grace Barbe - Photo by Matsu Photography. Doors open at 6.

Saturday, August 16, Camp Doogs are running a fundraiser show to make sure Camp Doogs is yet again the best local music festival for psyche, garage and underground electronic music fans. For more information, check telstra. I felt so lucky just getting into the program so I was just trying to take in as much as I could. I got to meet so many amazing people from all over Australia who I now have as my good friends and as a great new network. It was really nerve-wracking but I learnt so much, and it was invaluable to hear their advice.

How has winning it advanced your career over the last 12 months? Winning the competition has opened me up to a whole host of new opportunities. I have had the support of Mushroom Music and their creative director, Bill Page, who has been mentoring me and giving me advice on my songs.

He has helped me get in contact with a fantastic producer Pip Norman aka Countbounce who will be producing my EP over in Melbourne next month. The support of both Telstra and Mushroom Music has been invaluable as it is very easy to feel like no one is listening sometimes!

They assisted me with my grant application to get me over to Canadian Music Week earlier in the year, and their letters of support were a big reason for its success.

Winning the competition has just given me more drive to put my music out there and now with these new networks I feel like I can play it to a larger audience. I think the best piece of advice, is to just remain true to your sound and style as they are looking for someone unique and are not out to change you.

What can you tell us about this forthcoming release? I am indeed! I hope this EP will have more direction than my previous recordings, and I am excited and nervous to hear what it will sound like. I will be doing a day of recording in a studio over there with a Nashville producer, along with doing a co-writing session with songwriter Kim Richey.

Deadline Monday 5pm. X-Press Guide is a service to advertisers listing all entertainment events. All inclusions are at the discretion of X-Press. Email guide xpressmag. Young Guns ft. Spectrem Dvise Eyesdown J. Now in its seventh year, the AWME showcases the best and freshest world, roots and indigenous musicians the region has to offer, with the aim of bringing them to a global audience and fostering better relationships between artists and the broader music industry.

Running at several iconic Melbourne venues from November 13 - 16, the Expo features live performances, panels, discussions, workshops and countless networking opportunities. Many more artists are expected to be announced over the coming weeks. For full details and ticketing, point your browser at awme. The proposal is currently before the Bayswater Council and it is hoped that a decision will be made soon. However, it has become known that a group of local residents have begun a petition against the nascent venue.

Remember to be polite, folks - you catch more flies with honey. A managerial workshop series, Higher Ground is designed to assist emerging artist and band managers to take their careers up the industry ladder a rung or two by creating an environment with limitless advice and networking opportunities.

Naturally, spaces are limited and expressions if interest must be submitted by 5pm WST this Friday, August For full details, costs and application criteria, go to wam.

Ring Herb on Laneway Lounge Open Mic every Tuesday night. Call or text Brett on Must be experienced. Infl: Rock and Grunge. Text or call Nev Alan or Jeremy www. World class facility, World class results. No band required. Broadcast quality. Call Pete Kitchen Cooked Records. Great Productions! London Producer, awesome studio. Call Jerry on www. Willetton Ph: Mobile: info streamrehearsal. New Studio New Times Avail.

Online bookings. Beg to prof, all styles. Tutors WWC clearance. Cliff Lynton Guitar Institute. A practicle approach to learning. All styles. Years of experience. Tony Gibbs X-Press Magazine AU WWW. Martin Garrix WWW. This is a sentiment that Fafara himself is all too quick to agree with.

Like, Go 10 Go Chaos and even the album before that, half of them were really slow acoustic tunes — which we love doing in the studio — but when it came to live shows they kind of just never made the cut. Clarke's Letters to get an idea of where they come from when they're writing.

The common idea that great Sci-Fi comes from great Fiction more than great Science runs through all of them. Lovecraft's genius was to tap into the human anxiety about what might exist beyond the limits of reason and the safe, predictable, knowable world ,and the nagging thought that perhaps the universe itself might harbor malevolent intent toward our fragile planet and the humans who dwell on it Lovecraft's characters would often go insane when faced with these alien horrors.

These fears have manifested themselves throughout history in everything from witch trials to UFO scares. Lovecraft was so good at playing off this ancient unease, in the process creating his own universe of alien gods and beings, that his legacy lives on decades after his stories never out of print were first published, in the form of countless "Cthulhu Mythos" stories, games, and of course tribute websites [google.

The one author I keep returning to is Stephen Donaldson. I have read the whole Gap Series [ihug. There is nothing like the raw power, emotion, violence and vile politics that Donaldson portrays in the Gap series. Every page you think that the characters cannot endure more - cannot go further. The final book, "This Day All God Die", is one massive crescendo - a fitting finale for a space series of serious proportions.

Stephen Donaldson once said in his "Gap" Series that there is a difference between Drama and Melodrama.

Imagine a triangle, with each of the main character classes at a point - the Villian, the Victim and the Hero. To truly be drama, in the course of the story, at least 2, but preferably all three of the characters must change place:. That's the essence of true drama. Otherwise it's just melodrama. Stephen Donaldson used this to good effect in the Gap Series. Like much of Piers Anthony's work, this story featured some pretty hefty brutality and abuse of women.

Unlike Piers Anthony, it's not the mainstay of Donaldson's work. Anthony has managed an entire universe based around this Hero-Pirate, but essentially the characters always stay the same, and his work never makes it past low-grade melodrama. Donaldson uses almost exactly the same pretext and gives us an epic and dramatic tale. This is also a reason why Episode II was so poor from a narrative perspective.

We know from Episode IV where all these characters must be. So unlike most stories, the interest is not derived from where the characters go, but how they get there. Which is what Lucas failed to deliver. The story of Anakin is not so much a fall from grace as a slight trip - you can believe that he becomes Darth Vader, but his personal journey to the dark side isn't particularly interesting.

For me, it is not what is in it, or what it is about, or how realistic the science is. Good science fiction is science fiction that makes me think about themes and ideas that are sometimes only barely explored by the work itself. It's usually the kind of story that sticks with me for only a little bit, and then when I think that I've forgotten all about it, it comes back and plows me over.

Kubrick's version of The Clockwork Orange might fit this definition for me. Maybe Socrates' Plato's story of the cave. Roger Zelazny's lyrical short story Frost comes back to me every now and then, as well as Wolfe's even more lyrical and adept New Sun books. Tsutomu Nihei's manga series Blame is remarkable for its visual style, and what is even more remarkable is the story it contains--one that can only be told through the particular medium which Nihei has selected.

And of course, my favorite place to find good science fiction is in Gardner Dozois' yearly anthology of short stories, The Year's Best Science Fiction. The summation at the beginning of the past year in science fiction is worth the price of the book, and the many stories inside are pure gold.

I am too tired to explain why this is the best, so I'll just say it's my favorite, and for good reason. Man against Man, Man against Nature, and especially Man against himself. It's a shoot-em-up. It's romantic. It's revolutionary. It's serious. It's funny. And then throw on some accurate forecasting such as predicting the slashdot effect and distributed denial of service attacks, the problems of security through obscurity, and even s and there you have it, the best sf.

For me the most important characteristics of good SciFi are an epic plot, forethough and planning on the part of the creator, strong lead roles, and detail. At the end of it, good SciFi "says" something to me; touches me in some way, and makes me reevaluate what I think of the real world.

Babylon 5 and Dune achieve both of these admirably. Star Wars sacrifices some forethough and detail, while Star Trek has little in the form of an enduring plotline, poor details and consistency, and weak characters. Of course I still enjoy them ;. Babylon 5 weaves a web of intrigue which is underpinned by an epic saga and several prophecies. Consistency across the entire series is high, as is detail. Small seemingly throw-away comments in some of the first episodes have significant three seasons later.

The acting and dialog is evocative, and it is easy to relate to all of the characters, even the "bad guys". The are at least several monologues that I would like to see again just to copy down and put up on my wall and some other dialog besides.

Characters come and go and when they do there is a profound sense of loss. Dune presents a far different universe. During the series the focus expands from a single character to several, to the political balance of the known universe, and beyond. His attention to details is magnificent, and he draws on a wealth of knowledge to flesh out the behaviour of the characters.

He too presents a saga which is a turning point in history, and encourages the reader to relate to the characters. While many disagree with me, I personally enjoy Herbert's writing style and find it captivating. Perhaps the most significant part of these two settings compared to other SciFi is that they are SciFi-Fantasy. Babylon 5 is based far more in reality than Dune concerning itself with physics and scientific possibility in many instances , but both present fantasy aspects which transgress the realm of the strictly possible, and add a level of interest which is difficult to attain in any real or future-real world setting.

The way it lets authors play around with and explore philosophical ideas of how society develops. Asimov did this with the Foundation series, basing a whole story on a theory of how society develops through crises, what steps are taken in what order, who gets in power when and why.

That's quite hard to make in a non-science fiction novel, unless you write a historical novel which often gets more dull and predictable. Separate what is undeniable facts in the world around us i e many aspects of human nature, like love, hate, passion, greed, curiosity etc and what is just the results of our cultural heritage our economical system, democracy, patriarchalism, monogamy and focus on material wealth just to mention a few.

A good science fiction novel can be an eye opener to what can be changed and what can not. Let's us explore our possible futures. Good SF gives us a glimpse although very simplified and exagerated of how the future might look like. By comparing the scenarios of Star Trek with Cyberpunk and , we can more easily get aware of what the future might hold and as a society make decisions on what we want and don't want of what's ahead of us. The novel has definitely helped to raise the public awareness of the threats of totalitarianism combined with technology, likewise has Cyberpunk woken up many people to how global corporations gathers more and more power and how that might affect society.

Epical tales. I'm personally a real sucker for this and no other category except fantasy so easily allows for grand epical tales as SF. Plot and characters must still be good though, but I expect that from books of any category. Actually, I'm a bit surprised that not more of the. War of the Worlds. A plot so far ahead of its time that the ending is still being copied. Ususally badly V, Independence Day - although I believe that film to be satire for reasons I'll be happy to debate later.

Perhaps you prefer The Time Machine, redone yet again on film in the last year or so. All of the HG Well's stuff was set in this universe, so it becomes that much more believable. How about Jules Verne's undersea worlds. Or the book his publisher rejected as too depressing, in which he described light railways, telephones and fax machines.

The name unfortunately eludes me. How about Brave New World. George Orwell's excellent and entirely depressing book, though to my mind a bit ripped of from his namesake's Shape of Things To Come George Orwell. Herbet George Wells. How about 's Metropolis, from Fritz Lang? The film without which Bladerunner simply wouldn't exist. The short story 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' probably would, but the short story and the film bear almost no resemblence to each other.

Need to look a bit further back than just the last few years. There's probably some visionary author writing before Wells that I've overlooked. If so, please tell me. I'd be interested to hear it. Secondly, the science is very hard. Hard science fiction is a genre that is very hard to pull off. A lot of authors who do hard sci-fi spend most of the pages of a book just describing their hard science. Baxter manages to seamlessly weave it in to the story and you barely notice, but is leaves an impression.

However, what truly makes it great is that he weaves the plot and the science together perfectly. A lot of sci-fi authors simply use sci-fi as a setting and tell a traditional type story.

A sci-fi love story or a sci-fi crime thriller or a sci-fi horror story. These are all sci-fi, but can only achieve the rank of 'good' sci-fi. Truly great sci-fi needs to have science in it, but also relate it to the plot.

When I read a piece of science fiction, I like to know how the advanced science affected the culture. So, in the future there is some really cool technology. Well, how do people's lives change? What are the consequences? These are all focuses in Baxter's series. A big part of the plot is the interaction between the technologically superior Xeelee and the comparitively primitive human race, and the resulting war between the two races. Add to that the impending death of the universe and the pursuit of science among all of this, which leads to some startling discoveries about the Xeelee.

Few other sci-fi universes has these elements together. The only other one that I can think of off hand is the Foundation trilogy, which is second on my list. It only falls behind Baxter's series because the science is less than hard. And then A Bertram Chandler's Rimworld [acay.

One of the largest and most coherent universes must be Poul Anderson's [sfsite. Read some Dominic Flandry and forget about Star Wars. Of course Heinlein's "Future History" apparently he invented the term , and Niven's "Known Space" are up there, but suffiently well known not to need my endorsement. There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Slashdot Apparel is back!

Do you develop on GitHub? You can keep using GitHub but automatically sync your GitHub releases to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool and take advantage of SourceForge's massive reach. Follow Slashdot on LinkedIn. Everyone has a favorite universe, be it the Foundation Series by Asimov, or the classic Star Wars trilogy.

So tell Slashdot what your favorite is, and what the most important part of a science fiction universe is to you. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. What Makes Great Science Fiction? More Login. Archived Discussion Load More Comments. I'll tell you what makes great scifi Score: 4 , Funny. Nubile female alien sex addicts, who are genetically engineered to please men at the drop of a hat.

Share twitter facebook linkedin. Anyone that disagrees is a smeghead. The best science fiction Well, as far as books go, I'd have to say the Dune series by Frank Herbert ALthough, I'm sure you all know that The way it so elegantly combines action, suspence, twisty curvey plots within plots that actually require one to think As far as movies go Donnie Darko, although not blatently science fiction, is one great piece of film Frank Herbert's Dune Score: 5 , Insightful.

As much as I like nearly all science fiction universes, my favorite is that of Dune. Herbert's universe is filled with politics, planets, populations and dozens of complicated plots that could affect whole galaxies. He manages to convey a vast and complicated universe through his works. I am always amazed. Frank Herbert's writing sytle is also something to be admired. I have never, ever come across somebody who writes Science Fiction like he does.

I mean it is like he is a historian giving you the entire picture, including background, language, culture, the works. He really doesn't skimp out on anything in his books - except maybe tech he focuses more on culture. His stories are so in-depth and the culture he presents so consitent throughout that it puts most writers of Sci-fi to shame. Some sci-fi writers Niven provide wonderful technological backgrounds to their stories, Herbert provides a cultural background to his stories letting that influence the entire book, from eating, religon, warfare, etc.

He uses technology certainely but the universe he presents in Dune is largely technologically static. I also think one of the things that fascinates people most with his Dune series is it's focus on people, and their power. I mean first you have Paul Atreides sp? I have been bitterly disappointed with the new dune series that have recently come out. It just isn't Frank Herberts Dune. There are similarities to what Soft Drinks were doing as regards to synth-driven punk, but Division Four were far more serious, and even more acerbic.

Although they are linked to the recently ascendant San Francisco garage rock scene, they are not really a garage band per se. Who'da thunk it? A kick-ass new indie rock single in ?!? Say it is so, Joe. One rocking guitar, one chiming guitar and a melodic bass driving an insistent rhythm; is that so fucking hard, people?

Is it too late to make up my mind? With the help of a few skilled Egyptian musicians, Bishop was able to complete this excellent self-titled album. Fortunately, Bishop is able to balance his fatalistic gallows humor with meticulous sonic detail and deft playing from his cohorts.

And this really comes in handy for part two of The Invisible Hands , which shows that Bishop is no mere dilettante cautiously dipping his toes into exotic waters. On this companion album, the same songs are performed with slightly different mixes , but here they are given voice by Aya Hemeda and guitarist Cherif El-Masri. This is protest music, and it needs to be heard by everyone. Apparently a documentary is in the works, so stay tuned. His physical voice is a weedy but strikingly powerful presence, and it enhances songs of naked emotion and a sort of existential clutching -- for others, for meaning, for something, for anything.

But, with his Downer Trio, he went on making records every few years. I was pretty excited by the prospect of this release, but decidedly underwhelmed with the finished product itself. At least not to an extent that justifies this overlong overview. Calvin, some more careful curation next time, please. These guys are getting up there in years, so any resemblance to an Oblivian or Spit-style pummel is not a coincidence, nor is it some new affectation.

It just is. To me it sounds like a science-fiction ode to love — spacejunked Devo. Nice to see the boys on such an esteemed label. I think this was recorded in a cabin in the middle of the woods. Well done, boners. Good but ultimately forgettable garage moderne. Now, I like them OhSees, still do, if less attention is paid and payed. Things sure have been Sex-y as of late; between yer vids and yer churches and yer cults and yer tapes and 8-traks and Plenty of Pussy refs for you ref-heads, plenty of stanky punk for you panty-sniffers.

How else can we mention swampy genitals in fetid basements? The underground will always have room for bespectacled geeks who carry around bucketfuls of pent-up rage, and attempt to exorcise said rage via tight rock group dynamics, angular riffing and non-melodic speak-singing.

Call it the Albini factor. Sperm Donor are the latest to don the wire-rims, and they acquit themselves……okay. Ohi, T. Concept Mr. Tro Noyce Josef K. Noyce Trojan Blue K. They Could Start A War. The Bone Orchestra Whisky Some creasing to corners. Inscribed on verso by GP-O. Well, tough luck, kids, these shows ran when Arnie was still Mr Protein Brain. In the beginning, he is so shocked by the changes in his body and life and tries to commit suicide how's that for character development in the 80s?

Steve routinely enlists the help of his school sweetheart turned bionic superwoman, The Bionic Woman The Not-So-Cool Steve insists on wearing the same track suit for every action scene okay, this is just me griping The episodes started getting sillier and sillier, as viewers demanded more and the writers shelled out half-baked scripts as fast as they could.

The Bionic Woman Ahh. How easy it was back then. Get into an accident, survive long enough for a super-top secret government agency to rescue you and outfit you with several bionic implants, and voila! Instant hero or heroine, in this case. Steve Austin's sweetheart and was about to marry him, when she was involved in a nasty parachute accident.

This resulted in similar injuries to our astronaut hero although instead of an eye, Jaime got a bionic ear and soon, she was also recruited into the OSI. A major pun intended story arc was that due to the accident, she had no recollection of her past with Steve, which proved difficult on our erstwhile hero for more complete details on Jaime's trials and tribulations, check out this site. However, in the course of the show, she recovered some of her memories, and the duo helped stopped many a wannabe villain from disrupting the peace.

As the series wound to a close, she became closer to Steve, and though she resigned from the OSI to become a counsellor, they returned from time to time to stop international crises. She was also featured in all of the Bionic movies, with the final movie, Bionic Ever After seeing them both finally tie the knot. The Cool: She could hear footsteps from a mile away, also run at more than 60mph actually the value was closer to 67 and could jump fans will remember her bionic jump fondly to the roof of a 12 story building.

Oh, and she can bend steel, too. She was one of the first female superheroes to ever grace the small screen with her own show. Jaime's show either intentionally or not proved to be an interesting study in gender relations back in the 70s. See here. Viewers desperately wanted to see the Bionic Woman and Steve Austin hitched, which probably pushed the writers to sometimes bend too far.

I remember coming back from kindergarten, breathlessly slamming the door and the gate to plonk myself down with a cool glass of Ribena and watch as Steve or Jaime kick butt on screen. Nobody really died in the series as most deaths occured off-screen and all in all, it was good, campy fun for a kid growing up with his nose mostly in books.

The movies were a mixed bag, but I kinda agree that they provided closure for the series, and allowed Col Austin and Jaime Sommers to exit gracefully from our cold war era minds. If you're interested in checking out the movies, go here and type "six million dollar man" without quotes, of course.

Thanks for reading, and have a good day, folks! Tune in, action lovers, for the next exciting episode of Telly Thursdayyy! Weekly World Wednesday I have a confession to make. I like conspiracy theories, I think UFOs or else there should be a bloody good explanation for all the weird stuff people take pictures of, can't be that many weather balloons up there, can there?

So am I a kook? But face it, for everyone of you serious Herald Tribune, Time or Newsweek readers, there are at least an equal number of people who regularly turn to the Weekly World News and assorted tabloids for their fix of wacky goodness.

Now I for one, think that some of these things really warrant a serious scientific inquiry, free of labelling and jeering, while as for others.. Now before I go any further, I'd like to point out that the information I'm going to hand out may be false or unverified, that I am in no way an expert in the field of cryptozoology, UFOlogy or government coverups, and that all these clippings should be taken with a healthy dose of salt. Preferably of the rock variety. So for those of you waiting for the work day to close, get a hot cup of coffee, open a document and minimise it just in case and sit back, as we explore some of the lesser known news stories.

Pictures were circulated of this planet, as it sped or so they say towards our little green one. Quite a stir was caused, as some people actually believed this. What made it worse was that some of these 'prophets' claimed to receive their knowledge from aliens, and also that various works of historical art pointed to the existence of this strange planet cue Erich Von Daniken.

The date for this mega apocalypse was set to be the 17th of May, Well, I was understandably worried, since it would be barely 3 days after my birthday. I did hold my breath since you can't be too careful but the date came and went, and there was no Pole Shift as they call it. Neither was there any kind of object in the atmosphere anywhere near resembling said planet. Score one for the scientists on this one. In the early months before the supposed event, I surfed around and found the website of an astronomer called Phil Plait, who runs the website BadAstronomy.

In it, he debunks very nicely assorted claims such as these, using scientific principles and examples. Definitely worth a read, and very informative, too. It was by reading his site and others linked to it that I was able to get an objective assessment of the situation, and thus reassure some people who were already preparing to run to the hills not that it would have made a difference.

If you're interested, drop by his Nibiru page to get the scoop. Or better yet, try running a search on Google or any other search engine to see what some of these so called prophets have to say. Phil is also responsible for another page debunking claims that the Apollo 11 moon landings were faked by NASA. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, earlier this year, there were rumors that NASA and the US government faked the Apollo moon landings to gain political superiority over the Soviet Union.

As proof, proponents of this theory often pointed out seeming mistakes in the pictures that the astronauts captured while on the moon surface. However, this particular theory has fizzled out somewhat, especially since Phil has demonstrated often using examples you can try at home how these theories are wrong. Additionally, his site also has movie reviews, especially of those using a scientific premise The Core, Armageddon, etc. I'd whole heartedly recommend this site to anyone with a scientific frame of mind and who is interested in some good ol' scientific detective work.

The Fortean Times As we read about war, rape, pillage and the threat of nuclear destruction, we sometimes get bogged down by the sheer gloominess of it all.

However, there are some bits and pieces of news we never see, and it's these bits that are the speciality of the Fortean Times. Started waay back when, the Fortean Times is a delightful compendium of all things strange and sometimes wacky. Consider the following clippping on today's version of the site thanks to the forteantimes. Just before the schools broke up for the summer holidays in , Sarah Jayne Tait, aged six, from Edinburgh, came home upset and crying, her left eye painful and badly swollen.

Her teachers and her family could see nothing in her eye, and neither could the doctors at the Sick Children's Hospital. Finally a specialist at the Eye Pavilion put a probe behind her eye, and out popped a baked bean. Sarah Jayne had no idea how the bean had got there. She didn't even like baked beans. The team of newshounds scour newspapers printed and online as well as international news sources in order to bring you some of the weirdest stories ever to grace the media.

They cover topics ranging from cerealogy the study of crop circles , UFOlogy, cryptozoology the study of mysterious animals and many, many more. It's interesting to read because they carry on the original Charles Fort's legacy: not to make judgements, but instead, collect these stories in order to investigate them someday. For those of you interested, you may read about the colourful life of Charles Fort here. Very entertaining, and to the ox, at least helps bring back some of the magic into the world.

The Charles Fort Institute is another good site for those of you interested in the weird. Good stuff. Other links that should be interesting to fellow weird-news collectors: Rense. They claim that regular media only gets their scoop sometimes months after it has appeared on rense.

I dunno about that, but it sure is an interesting read. Well that's about all the time we have this week, so tune in again next week for another edition of Weekly World Wednesday, your tabloid in a blog! Couldn't be patient could you, had to push? Sleep, Ox, it's late. But I'm sad Shh. And pray that you can make it right. Welcome to another instalment of Tech Tuesday, my regular well, somewhat weekly column dedicated to various aspects of tech that affects the mainstream consumer yes, that means you and me!

As noted in last week's post, the Ox is a crazy gamer, and will try anything at least once. Well, enough about me, on with the show! Ox - Where the ox shares some if his favourite downloads and other cool bits. We all know how bloated the latest version of Acrobat is not the reader. Well, for those of you who need to convert your documents pronto without the hassle of loading a slow, ugly monster of a program here's a free piece of software that should just make your day.

It's a relatively small 9Mb download, and it not only converts Word, Excel and Visio documents to PDF, but also can automatically upload it to your website and create an index page that links to the files. Cool, no? It runs on a centralised approach, where it monitors any changes to the files and updates the versions on the website automatically, but what are you doing here still reading this? Image Editors. We all use them in some way or another, and everyone knows how much of a resource and money hog Photoshop is.

Before you flame me, I agree that it is perhaps the best editing program around. But sometimes, we don't have the space or just plain can't afford it. So here are the Ox's suggestions on cheap er and also free alternatives.

However, for a wonderfully free alternative try Serif PhotoPlus, a fully featured editor that not only supports layers and plugins, but is also user friendly and a small, small download to boot. Highly recommended. Also, go here for a list of image editors you can use. Got any other cheap or even free alternatives? Let the Ox know. Also, for you P2P freaks out there, there is an update to Kazaa.

Now in version 2. I have to warn you though: the newer versions of this P2P app tends to install a lot of piggyback programs that cannot be disabled without also disabling Kazaa itself. In other news, for people like me who are interested in Linux but don't have the time or expertise to wrestle with the installation, try this.

That's like a tenth of Knoppix which is also a very good installation-free distro but easier on the bandwidth. If you missed the earlier link, here it is again.

And finally, here's a list of MS Office alternatives , just so you know. Each is well worth the download, in case you're tired of waiting for Office XP to load up all the shared libraries and what not. Ox - Gadgets that the Ox loveees. Okay, so yesterday I put out an early Christmas wish list. Yes, the Ox earns about as much as the average fresh graduate, even though he's been working awhile.

But we can dream, can't we? For instance, look at this. Wouldn't you just love to bring it to the office? Talk about a Ferrari of laptops. Oh, my God drool. While we're on the subject, early adopters read: you rich people out there may want to check out these offerings. Home entertainment doesn't get more cutting edge than this.

Also, before I burst a blood vessel, look at this baby. It's the new Sony handheld , and while I don't really make it a point to buy Sony stuff, this one.. Ox - Did I mention I love games? Did I? So you think you're a gamer, huh? Played everything under the sun? Beat Contra on Hard with a blindfold and only your toes? Then take this test , please. At least you'll feel better about yourself.. For all you FPS fans, prepare to rejoice.

Expect massive environments, lots of bloody mayhem, and yes, bolt action rifles. Due out later this year, it's got fans drooling all over the place. Erm, check it out here. For more gaming goodness, check back on Thursday. I'll have more news, previews and stuff then. This has been one massive update. Have a good Tuesday, people! And as always, feel free to let me know what you think, drop a comment, or mail me.

Einstein on the Beach Yeah, so I can't sleep. Anyways, this song came to mind, as I was struggling to to drift off. Blue morning Blue morning Wrapped in strands of fist and bone Curiosity, Kitten, Doesn't have to mean you're on your own You can look outside your window He doesn't have to know We can talk awhile, baby We can take it nice and slow All your life is such a shame, shame, shame All your love is just a dream, dream, dream Are you happy when you're sleeping?

Does he keep you safe and warm? Does he tell you when you're sorry?

Jan 11,  · The Deuce is the name of Las Vegas’ form of public transportation that’s operated by the Regional Transportation Committee. It’s one of the best ways to get around the city when you’re looking to save your money during your trip. While the bus runs throughout the town, there are two routes you can specifically take for the Strip and.

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  1. tower records onlineは、cd、dvd、ブルーレイ、本、雑誌、各種グッズ、チケットなどが購入できる通販サイトです。ポイントは店舗・ネット共通!cd.
  2. VARIOUS ARTISTS "An Oasis In A Desert Of Noise: A Greasy Pop Records Compilation" Volume 7 () THE ASSASSINS ("Raw Cuts" LP, ) THE TWENTY SECOND SECT (mini-LP, GPR, ) I Never Said I'll Be Your Navigator EXPLODING WHITE MICE (7", K, ) Fear (Late At Night) Without Warning THE MAD TURKS (7", K
  3. cheesethegreat writes "Have you ever noticed how everyone breaks down into a near-religious frenzy when the topic of the "best" science fiction universe comes up? Everyone has a favorite universe, be it the Foundation Series by Asimov, or the classic Star Wars trilogy. So tell Slashdot what your f.
  4. So, as I said, my previous research kind of went by the wayside, so let me tell you what little I remember about the show. Insight was created by a priest named Ellwood E. "Bud" Kieser. It's my understanding that he was interested in non-denominational preaching, and this series ran the gamut of episodes that felt either like The Twilight Zone or an ABC Afterschool Special.
  5. “Dawn of the VHS” celebrates those sources with one of LFD’s finest songs, and typically blazing axe-action by the Wolfman. He protests that he ain’t no “Guitar Star,” but the way he tosses off molten leads left n’ right proves otherwise.
  6. One night free spirit, cool young guy (Steckler), who looks a bit like a homely Nicholas Cage, goes to the carnival with his rich-girl lady. They have a spat when he eyes a comely dancer, and she stalks off. Steckler goes after the dancer, and falls into the clutches of the evil fortune teller.
  7. Nothing wrong with doin’ things right. BOB GORDON all the various kinds of sounds, various ambiences, that’s all being done while I’m playing. Charlie, High School Girls, TV Freak, I.

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