I - Green Fuse - The Power Of Crisis Compels You (Vinyl)

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Until then, here's a short list of formatting tutorials. With suspicions confirmed and his cover blown, Legion then explains his situation. He is a construct, a "legion" experiment of collective minds - he is formed from the very conscious of the beings around him.

His previous "hosts", the brilliant scientists, gave him great knowledge and intellect, but soon turned to old age and then death, leaving Legion to float, empty, waiting for new hosts, hence trapping the crew.

The crew are appalled, and declare their intentions to leave. Legions recommends they not bother, since he is composed of all their emotions - including malice , rage and cruelty , and more importantly his pain is shared by all. In another hilarious scene, he threatens them with a nasty syringe type device, aimed directly at his crotch. Legion, satisfied at the crews subjugation , leaves to get dinner. Lister however does confront Legion, concocting an elaborate plan to ambush Legion when he returns.

He manages to get knocked out in the ensuing scuffle , and we see Legion's composite face change from four faces to three. Realising a weakness, Kryten then proceeds to render The Cat unconscious. Another amusing sceme involves Kryten trying to remove the last "living" member of the crew, Rimmer, however he is unable to penetrate or affect the hard light hologram, despite clobbering him with steel, catching him unawares, and repeated beatings ;-.

Rimmer then says that the only way of disappearing would be to switch HIMSELF off - and makes the ultimate sacrifice by reaching in to himself and turning off his lightbug.

With the last human consciousness gone, Legion then is composed entirely of Kryten's consciousness, morph ing in to a facsimile of him. Despite Legion's protests that the situation is a stalemate , Kryten objects, saying that mechanoid s MUST serve humans, and thus Legion, entirely made up of a mechanoid, must help them.

Problem soved! Dragging the crew back, Legion then pouts the funniest line of the episode. Along the lines of "I was made up of brilliant men. As a last parting shot, Kryten then asks if, in all the time as a brilliant composite, Legion created something to help them get back to Red Dwarf Fast forward a little, the crew is back up and running, with Rimmer whole and solid. They are gathered in the engine room of Starbug, with Kryten hooking up a futuristic looking "drive", which Kryten explains should speed them to Red Dwarf in a matter of minutes, not months.

With only one way to test it, they switch it on - only to have the drive burst out of its mountings and fly out in to space, rocketting faster than they imagined. The hole in the ship leads to very funny "wind tunnel" effects, and the comment from Kryten - "Well sir, it looks like the drive does indeed work! Legion led a harrowing life of torture and dismay and eventually destroyed himself in a time travel plot to prove his love to his father.

This contrast makes "MITH" a complicated emotional experience. It feels impactfully relatable to those who feel like the country may not be heading in the direction they hope for. I had the privilege of seeing Holley open for Animal Collective in July. Before his performance, an MC informed the audience that each of Holley's shows are unique. Before each performance, Holley works with his collaborators to create a set that reflects his emotions and surroundings.

A song about the majesty of the Rocky Mountains proved this true. It was an incredibly genuine experience. I felt like Holley was opening his heart to the audience. Ian Sweet's songs throughout "Crush Crusher" also feel deeply heartfelt.

Sweet's vocals are passionate throughout a diversity of emotions: longing, anger and everything in between. The instrumentals are familiar and mixed masterfully; they don't feel overproduced in the slightest.

Withdrawing toward the end, the guitars swell to a moaning shoegaze tone that's a treat for fans of bands like My Bloody Valentine. Carbonas' "Your Moral Superiors: Singles and Rarities" gives us a well-deserved look back at this mids punk band from Atlanta.

The song collection gives the listener plenty of material to drive, study or work to. While Carbonas stays true to the classic punk rock sound, the blend of guitar tones and GG King's gritty vocals keeps it fresh. I usually list some of my favorite tracks, but I recommend just throwing this one on and jamming from start t. At Radio , we love spinning our favorite music, new and old.

Released in , Modest Mouse's second studio album is a sprawling minute LP that tells tales of road trips, American culture and dissatisfaction with modern life. The songs span from folk to indie to hardcore but are all stylistically linked. Isaac Brock, lead singer and principal songwriter of Modest Mouse, has talked in interviews about how he saw suburban sprawl expand seemingly endlessly throughout his childhood. The endless strip malls sat empty while new ones were being built down the road.

The band spent much of their early time together touring. They played house shows across the American West, hoping the money they would make at one house show would buy them enough gas to make it to the next one. If you've ever taken a long drive anywhere between the Great Plains and the Pacific Ocean, you'll find a familiar mood in this album. The music swells then retreats, just like passing through a city then driving through a long stretch of open road.

A quick, distorted guitar riff leads right into Brock's distinctive scream-singing. The song, just like the album, has a seamless flow between aggression and tenderness. Brock's descriptive lyrics about Orange Julius and waiting in long lines at the mall bring back familiar American memories.

By the end of the track, the stage is set for the rest of the album and you're off on your Modest Mouse-led trip. This haunting tale is based off a man Brock knew only as Cowboy Dan who was a friend of Brock's father. The mysterious drunk who drove a big, run-down truck with a rifle in the back is strong memory Brock associates with his father and his childhood. The writing of the song started with a rolling drumbeat from Modest Mouse's drummer Jeremiah Green.

The longest song on the album by far, "Truckers Atlas" has about five minutes of lyrical content, then continues in a sprawling six-minute jam centered on the bass riff.

Just like an open road, "Truckers Atlas" goes on and on and on. I wholeheartedly recommend a full listen of this album. And if you've listened to Radio enough, you'll recognize many of these songs.

When I listen to Radio , my ears perk up when I hear a song from this album, and I hope yours do, too. As the weather cools down, Radio continues to spin the hottest records. This week, you'll be hearing fresh releases from a handful of new favorites. Part Time, a band under the popular rock record label Burger Records, just released their sixth album "Spell 6. On my first listen, I immediately was reminded of Ariel Pink, only to find that Ariel Pink himself features on the third track of this record.

Part Time takes a classic approach to songwriting, and the result is catchy and pleasing. I appreciate the amount of variation between songs on this album, and I'm really impressed with how well the band is able to maintain their distinct sound with such a wide range of songs. One of my personal favorites off the record is "Shattered Love," which starts off with an upbeat synth line that turns into the perfect guitar lick, all completely drenched in '80s new wave goodness.

The album is very pop-y but offset with the perfect amount of lo-fi elements and reverb. If you're into new wave, synth pop or rock — or you just like good music — definitely check this album out. The structures of the songs are similar to conventional dance music, but the sounds and textures used are completely unconventional.

Copeland is known for making a wide range of music, dabbling in both hardcore noise and dance music, and this album exemplifies his versatility. While the general sound of the album feels like glitchy computer music, every song on the record compels you to dance.

The record could somehow simultaneously be playing in an absurd dance club and in an experimental art exhibit. The choice of texture and timing on this album are impeccable and set Copeland apart from other musicians making dance music. The album is progressive and futuristic, and I can only hope that all dance music in the future sounds like it. The vocals are somewhat abrasive but in a way that perfectly reflects the band's feelings toward the chaos and corruption in their city.

The band's resident saxophonist creates a distinct no-wave sound for the album, playing wailing saxophone lines that run up and down over the rest of the dark, post-punk instrumentals. The album is chaotic and emotional, but is an overall stunning experience. Kero Kero Bonito's sophomore release, "Time 'n' Place," continues their streak of catchy indie pop releases.

Frontwoman Sarah Midori Perry sings in both English and Japanese, creating lyrical content that distinguishes them from other acts in the Western indie scene.

On this record, the band has shifted their sound toward the cutting edge of indie rock trends in While the catchy melodies and pop hooks are still present, elements of experimental and noise rock have been blended in. This change in style makes their new label, Polyvinyl Records, a perfect fit. Starting as a catchy indie pop song, Perry's vocals are accompanied by feel-good bassline.

A catchy hook leads into an even catchier chorus. But from here, the distinct experimental sound of "Time 'n' Place" kicks in. A noisy synth line interjects with heavily edited vocals layered on top. This departure from the traditional sound of the band surprised me when I first heard it, but even this didn't prepare me for the chaos heard later in the song.

After a return to normalcy in the second verse and chorus, the song devolves even further. The song completely changes into what sounds like a the soundtrack for a nightmare scene in an experimental film.

Rhythmic sound effects and '80s video game-style synthesizers give the track a retro groove, but it keeps a new feel. The live drum kit and guitar lines keep the song consistent with the rest of the record, and it very much is a "Time 'n' Place" era song, but it's nice for longtime fans to hear the style they know and love. The classic pairing of guitar and vocals doesn't come off as unoriginal though.

Unison vocals throughout the song give a texture that sets the track apart from the rest of the record, and the light synth accompaniment keeps it in that distinct Kero Kero Bonito sound. Kero Kero Bonito has been on everyone's mind for a while, and I was afraid they might become a relic of the mids, but "Time 'n' Place" has reassured me that they'll be making great music for a long time to come.

If you tune into Radio this week, you'll be hearing plenty of soothing music. Here's what we're spinning right now. In their debut record, "Chatbot Spa," Goo Age experiments with electronic sounds that range from hyper realistic to super synthetic, and they complement each other in an otherworldly way.

They say their album is "a place to relax and float for all beings and forms of intelligence," and their unique electronic music truly makes you feel like you're on another planet. The songs on the album float between ambient experimental music and synth pop, with the distinctive glitchy textures tying everything together. The less driving and more ambient songs on the record float past your ears and around your head in circles as they play, and the upbeat songs feel like video game victory tunes.

Goo Age is one of the most interesting experimental electronic groups I have listened to in the past year, and I can only imagine where they will go with their next releases. Tune in to Radio at 5 p. Friday to hear them play live on air and sit down with us for a short interview. Paper cites Steely Dan as his main influence for the record, and you can hear the concrete pop inspiration on every track. Tags: we, people, we the people, seven, articles, history, federalism, historic, constitution, law, right, rights, parchment, script, lettering, inalienable, handwritten, president, government, federal, supreme, congress, courts, court, bill, democracy, vote, political, politics, politician, party, power, american, america, americana, usa, us, united, states, north, patriot, patriotic, patriotism, nation, national, pride, proud, written, peoples.

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In my case, I bought the Bussmann BP/HHH ATM Add-A-Fuse and it has worked fine though, if you have a Milan or Fusion (I have a Milan), you can plan on not being able to put the cover back on your foot area fuse box on the driver's side (note: I did zip tie mine over the fuse box). Next, I'd recommend this step.

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  1. Nov 24,  · "The Power of Christ Compels You": Holy Water, Hysteria, and the Oedipal Psychodrama in The Exorcist Sara Williams 8. How to See the Horror: The Hostile Fetus in Rosemary’s Baby and Alien A. Robin Hoffman 9. Extreme Human Makeovers: Supernanny, the Unruly Child, and Adulthood in Crisis Catherine Fowler and Rebecca KambutaAuthor: Karen J. Renner.
  2. Oct 01,  · 3. Say yes! to honoring yourself and taking action toward what compels you. Benefits of Addressing Crisis and Saying Yes! to Yourself After living in the midst of crisis for a long time, women often feel chronically debilitated, depressed, angry, or sputexovalcyde.sadoubmiveversreciperlozacansign.co: Berrett-Koehler Publishers.
  3. Oct 07,  · In his groundbreaking new book, Dr. Jim Loehr, New York Times bestselling coauthor of The Power of Full Engagement, examines the way we tell stories about ourselves to ourselves -- and, most important, the way we can change those stories to transform our business and personal lives. "Your story is your life," says Loehr. As human beings, we continually tell Brand: Free Press.
  4. Later, Alek’s mother, newly adrift in the disturbing awareness that all is not well with her younger son, can suddenly swim with Olympic endurance. Over three decades, in fact, each member of this gorgeously imagined extended family discovers, at a moment of crisis, that he or she possesses a supernatural sputexovalcyde.sadoubmiveversreciperlozacansign.co: Penguin Publishing Group.
  5. A Comic Show – The Power Of Kirkman Compels You! Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom, I'm Aaron from A Comic Shop and The Geek Easy, back from Heroescon and.

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