Hordes Of Chaos - Mephitic Prolification - Inhuman Execution (CDr, Album)

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I don't understand why people are whining and bitching about this glorious production. The production of this album was done completely live in studio, which, will guaranteed have some people complaining "It's not Pleasure to Kill.

That album While the most glorious thing to come that year was from , and here emerges this, 23 years later. Kreator have aged, had numerous lineup changes, and have gone through an experimental period where they dabbled in industrial and Gothic metal.. But this is all thrown out the window when they come back into the thrash revival scene with this album. Sure, it's not the thrashiest stuff around, and sure, there were better albums released in , but this proves that even though most of the members are and above, they can still jam better than most modern bands.

The Chaos Warriors, also known as the Hordes of Chaos, the Followers of Chaos, the Northern Barbarians or simply just Northmen, are the names given to a race of savage, warlike tribes of human barbarians that occupy the harsh and unforgiving lands of the North. To all those that faced them, the northern barbarians are considered by all to be the enemies of all the civilized humanoids, whose unwavering worship to an uncaring and sadistic pantheon of ancient and evil daemons of chaos has given them a single driving motive to usher in the inevitable downfall of all mortal-kind into their hellish enslavement.

Melekh was then replaced for the rest of the campaign by his son, Cyspeth. Be'lakor 's battle standard has the broken, reanimated body of Volkmar the Grim pinned to it. Following the campaign, Be'lakor was banished to the Realm of Chaos by the magic of Teclis. He was born beautiful at birth, save for a horned birthmark on the back of his neck, and was spoiled by his father. He was eventually disowned by his father and expelled from his tribe after his father discovered his fondness for human flesh and become too obscene in his father's eye.

Sigvald then killed his father in his sleep and departed for the Chaos Wastes where Slaanesh became his patron for killing his father. Now, Sigvald marches at the head of an army of devoted followers of him and Slaanesh. He eradicates anyone he deems to be ugly, crude or irritating and burns down cities on a whim.

One story suggests that he destroyed the town of Chamburg because the wine there was not to his taste. He is spoiled by Slaanesh is described as being extremely self-centered. In fact, he and his elite body guard bear mirrored shields so that he may look at himself in the mist of battle. His gifts from Slaanesh have left him beautiful on the outside, but rotten inside. The ground literally reshapes itself for him and his feet float and inch above the world's surface.

He wears an armor of ensorcelled gold that never rusts or gets dirty and fights with Silverslash , a rapier of silver forged from the sword of Slaanesh. Valkia was once the queen of a great tribe. She gained the attention of Khorne when she slew anyone in her tribe to question her right to rule. She then moved on to killing other Chaos lords and mighty followers of the other gods. One such was Locephax, a daemon prince of Slaanesh who was attracted to her and asked her to be a slave girl for him.

This angered her and she killed him in a duel and placed his head on her shield. Khorne was from then on her patron God and made a pact to fight her north to the realm of Chaos and place her shield on the throne of Khorne. But on her way north she was killed in battle.

Khorne , raged over her passing, brought her from the dead and turned her in to a Daemon Princess. She has the legs of a bloodletter of Khorne and the wings of a bat. He was born wretched and tiny while his twin brother was born strong and so Thomin, his brother was favored by his family more while Vilitch did the chores around the home and worked as an apprentice to the village shaman.

After praying to Tzeentch one night, Vilitch was fused to his brother who became mindless. Vilitch then destroyed the village, killed everyone, and is now the leader of a mighty army of Tzeentch. In battle, his brother counts as a magical item that can store magical power for his army and steals the other armies power. Festus was a once famous doctor of Nordland that soul his soul to Nurgle in exchange for knowing how to cure all disease.

The knowledge made him mad, and now he spreads disease. He now travels along roads with his army of Nurgle. He has been known to take captives to test his experiments that also is an effect in battle. His potions are magical items that give him and the unit he is in a regeneration save. The Hung are a nomadic oriental race of hunters and gathers, shorter and squatter than the people of Cathay but otherwise resembling them.

Out of all the Northmen tribes living within the Far North, the Hung are perhaps the least well-known, for they have never been seen raiding the lands of the Old World. Instead, these marauding horsemen are only seen raiding the lands of Cathay and those of Naggaroth. Perhaps out of all the Northmen tribes, the Hung are by-far the most uncivilised, for their lifestyle is a primitive one that is more reminiscent of hunters and gathers then even tribal nomads.

The Hung are horsemen par excellence, and they breed tough, small horses on their cold mountain slopes which can survive where larger southern warhorses would starve. They ride these into battle when they attack the more civilised lands to their south.

Indeed, they have all but overrun the fell fortresses of the Druchii on more than one occasion. The Hung are known infamously for their mischievous and treacherous nature, even amongst the people of the Northmen tribes.

The major tribes within the Hung people include: [3f]. There are no forms of government amongst the barbarians of the north. Indeed, the very nature of nations, law and order goes against and sometimes outright contradicts the nature of Chaos itself.

As such, the only forms of unity amongst these barbarian raiders are their oaths of allegiance to powerful Champions, [1l] blood-ties to their own Tribes [1h] [1b] and a strict military hierarchy dominated by the concept of strength.

These Northmen societies are usually comprised of many different cultures, traditions and their own respective versions of the Chaos Gods. Nonetheless, each of these Tribes usually follow the same type of social structure based upon the strongest ruling over all. The Norse tribes living within the frigid lands of Norsca are each ruled by a King , who distributes hunting grounds and territory to his lords, who are known as Jarls. The rest of Norscan society consists of the elderly, the infirm and the women.

At the very bottom rung of Norscan society lies the Thralls, slaves taken in raids for use as menial labour, as consorts, and worse, as sacrifices to appease the dark hunger of the Chaos Gods. Outside of these tribal hierarchies, warbands of Chaos Warriors are usually united under the ruthless banner of a particularly powerful Chaos Warrior, known as Champions. These Champions often in turn, follow the command of an even more powerful Chaos Champion known as Chaos Lords , [1l] either out of admiration for his power and skill or by being forced into the ranks after being beaten into submission.

The motives and ambitions of these Champions are widely diverse, but the most common goal is simply to gain more power and obtain the highest favour of the gods through acts of conquest. Perhaps the strongest unifying force amongst the Northmen tribes is there dedication and worship of the Four Gods of Chaos. Each and every living inhabitant within the harsh lands of the Northern Waste know full well the powers of these malevolent entities, for their influence can be seen all around the lands and its people.

Corruption, mutation and warfare are but just a few signs of the Dark Gods influence upon the World. As such, Northmen religion is based primarily around the worship of the Chaos Gods, which are venerated by various local aspects and names both similar to and distinct to those they are known by to the scholars and priests of the Empire.

Commonly, the Norse, Kurgan and Hung, amongst other human tribes who dwell around the Chaos Wastes, venerate all the Chaos Gods in a single pantheon, as a purely practical consideration in order to draw upon all of the gifts and powers of the Four Gods in order to better survive in the harsh north.

In spite of this, there are many tribes who do in fact take a single Chaos God to be their patron, who is then seen as both the father and protector of that tribe. Commonly, that god is also the Patron of the Chieftain, Zar or King that rules the tribe. In addition to the Chaos Gods themselves, the Northmen religion also incorporates various Daemons, fallen Chaos Champions, revered ancestors and various other lesser spirits into its traditions.

Despite the presence of these additional deities however, it is always the Chaos Gods alone that are ever-present and as such, receive the highest degree of veneration. The various Northmen people have worshipped the Dark Gods since times immemorial, with the tribes simply have no concept of how to live without them otherwise. Far from being mindless slaves to darkness, the men of the North merely maintain that beings as powerful as the Chaos Gods simply operate on a level beyond mere human judgement or understanding, and are thus entitled to reward or destroy as befits their divine inclination.

The Northmen believe the path they have taken is the only one that is pure and true, and thus look down upon the gods of the southern lands; seeing them as corrupt, weak and false idols that are beneath contempt and worthy only of mockery.

In the Northmen faith, there is no equivalent to the afterlife such as the Kingdom of Morr, for there is nothing after death save the Realms of the Dark Gods, and men shall only enter those domains to sit at the right hand of their gods if they were strong and true warriors in life. For the cowards, they are cursed by the gods and reviled for all eternity. Thus, every Norscan fights with an insane fervour driven by this belief, which moulds them into the perfect warriors to their dark pantheon.

His domain of power encompasses the most basic and brutal of sentient emotion and every act of killing is said to empower Him, the more vicious and bloodthirsty the better. He is said to smile upon feats of valour, strength and blood-drenched warrior skill, and is the patron of proud warriors who set themselves against the odds and emerge triumphant through strength and skill.

On one side of his nature, Khorne is the embodiment of honour and courage, and to those who have put their faith in Khorne are just as likely to be honourable warriors as a blood-crazed killer, and often times it is that they are both at the same time.

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  1. Hordes of Chaos is the twelfth studio album by German thrash metal band Kreator. It has been described as their most organic album to date because, barring vocals, guitar solos and some melodies, the album was recorded in a live setting on an analog tape recorder with few sputexovalcyde.sadoubmiveversreciperlozacansign.co: Thrash metal.
  2. The Hordes of Chaos (THOC) is a total conversion mod for Diablo II. Many aspects of the game are being changed including quests, skills, monsters, bosses, classes, NPCs, items, runes, cube recipes, and maps. The storyline is as follows: ACT I - The Goblin Armies An army of goblinkind is amassing/10(19).
  3. Back during the early days of Warhammer Fantasy, all three types of Chaos servant - Vikings in cool armor, anthropomorphic animals with swords and axes, and creations of the Chaos Gods - were all part of a single army called the Hordes of Chaos. The army played like how the current Warriors of Chaos army did, relying on powerful, expensive close range units with VERY strong army leaders.
  4. Jan 12,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Hordes of Chaos YouTube DEBAUCHERY Rage of the Bloodbeast (Full Album ) - Duration: DEBAUCHERY, BLOOD GOD & BALGEROTH OFFICIAL 7, views.
  5. The Warriors of Chaos, also known as the Hordes of Chaos, the Followers of Chaos, Chaos Undivided, the Northern Barbarians or simply just the Northmen, are the names given to a race of savage, warlike tribes of Human Barbarians that occupy the harsh and unforgiving lands of the uppermost North, known in the lands of the Old World as the dreaded Northern Waste. To all those that faced .
  6. A year after the death of Asvar Kul, Chosen of Chaos outside the gates of Kislev, the hordes of Chaos drift around the north of the Empire. With Kul's death the Gods of Chaos .
  7. Jul 15,  · Song: Kreator - Hordes of Chaos Violent chaos haunting me Mirror of countless human tragedies Times of horror, constant lies Totalitarians autocracy's demise Fake peace a .

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