Halls - Like Young / Wolf Grey - Split (Cassette)

My name is actually hard to pronounce unless you grew up speaking the language, but my sir name translates into Wolf. Also yes I am a faunus. If any of you have a problem with that, come see me and we will discus what you can do.

I am only Twenty years old, so don't call me mister or professor, cause I'm not one. I am a fight coach, that is all. Any questions? A girl with long golden locks and a giant grin on her face raised her hand and stepped forward.

I suck with names. Wolf nodded and signaled for the next. A girl in a red hood zoomed in front of him. Ruby grinned now out of her trance sped back to her team. The next to step forward was a girl with black hair black and white clothes and a small black bow that sat on her head.

When she stepped forward Wolf's instincts kicked up even more, and he couldn't stop his tail from bristling. He then noticed the bow on top of her head twitch, and realized that she was the cause, and she also was struggling with her instincts just not as much as he was. Wolf released a breathe that he had been holding. He went through most of the students with no incident until the last team CRDL, was up to introduce themselves.

A large young man stepped forward. Wolf looked down to his list of students and found the only team he did not have a face for. Wolf grinned then stepped away from the group, "Winchester, take one hundred laps around campus, you will not be allowed back into the buildings until you finish. That is one of the rules for this training. Although this is individual training, If one of your teammates steps over the line, the whole team is punished.

This is an international neo-nazi quasi-cultural group formed by Roger Pearson in the late s and packed with top Nazis including former SS officers… Lady Jane Birdwood's sidekick, Ralph Harrison was there. So was a loony Croatian professor from West Germany who did his best to send his audience to sleep. The highlight was Robert Steukers, a leading figure of the Belgian new right and a close associate of both Walker and Alain de Benoist, the French new rightist. But the surprise of the day was the arrival of Patrick Harrington and his friend.

Harrington is about to set up his latest attempt at a party, which he is calling 'Third Way'. Despite the young lad's claims that he is neither anti-Jewish nor a nazi any more, he seemed more than happy in the company of leading nazi activists and thinkers…. If they do this having familiarised themselves with the neo-folk scene they may well be able to make some further identifications.

Likewise if a Searchlight surveillance team was on hand to cover the National Front march in Bury, I would again suggest they take a close look at the various flag bearers and banner carriers to determine if any of them later became leading figures within the neo-folk subculture.

In relation to the Bury march, Searchlight was able to happily note: "The Albert Mariner banner, pride of the East London branches, was captured and destroyed. A group of Chelsea Headhunters and other thugs were recruited to stage an attack against the radical gay bookshop Gay's The Word on the day of the conference.

This was to be a display of organised nazi terrorism staged for the benefit of the conference delegates. The bookshop could be viewed from the Bloomsbury Crest Hotel, the original venue planned for the Scorpion event.

Following a Searchlight tip-off, police forced the cancellation of both the hotel booking and the terrorist plan. However, a Searchlight surveillance team observed a heavy nazi security team on the day of the conference, hastily rescheduled to the Bonnington.

The security team, which included several football thugs, was led by Ian Read. At the time, Read was already an established figure in a scene that blended several musical styles with occult philosophy and nazi politics. He had worked on albums with two of the major bands on this scene — Current 93 and Death in June — and was a founding member of a third Sol Invictus….

After leaving Sol Invictus, Read set up Fire and Ice, a band that is even closer to international pagan and satanist movements — its very name being derived from the proto-nazi occult brotherhood Fraternitas Saturni. Aswynn now denies all nazi connections, yet she was once legendary on the far right, as much for her foul language as for her vicious racism and antisemitism.

Her old friends in the British Movement tell interesting stories about Aswynn's youth in Holland. Read is now head of the Rune Gild UK and editor of Chaos International, which is described as 'a magazine that deals with Chaos Magic theory and practice'.

Regular readers will be familiar with two other leading nazi practitioners of chaos magic, David Myatt and Joe Short….. One of Read's closest collaborators over the years has been Tony Wakeford, who is a key figure in his own right in the occult-fascist music axis. In the late s Wakeford was heavily involved with Richard Lawson's fascist 'cultural' group Iona, which co-sponsored London conferences with Scorpion.. Wakeford built his musical career as a member of Death in June, from which he split to form Sol Invictus with Read.

It seems that Wakeford's involvement with heavy duty nazism was too much for his Death In June partner Douglas Pearce. The dispute centred on Wakeford's mid-eighties project, Above The Ruins, whose name derived from the Italian fascist guru Julius Evola reflected contemporary developments in the NF and its splinter groups…. In an interview… with the Arizona Satanist magazine Vor Tru, Wakeford, obviously referring to Read, said: 'One of my very closest friends is a big cheese, numero uno and ace face in Odinism'.

On this I think Searchlight are mistaken; Wakeford is referring to Jeff 'Heimgest' Holley and definitely not Ian Read here - Read's greater 'success' at 'magick' had roused Wakeford's jealousy and they'd fallen out by this time. Likewise my feeling after spending time looking into the matter is that Doug Pearce's disgust at Wakeford's heavy duty nazism - see above - was feigned and he was very much involved with it; but there was a time when I would have concurred with Searchlight on this Note that Vor Tru is unashamedly aligned with the most pro-nazi elements on the satanist scene, unlike the Rune Gild, whose affiliations are more ambiguous…..

While non-nazi pagans and music fans usually rally to defend their subculture, the record of certain individuals, especially Wakeford, Read and Myatt, is undeniably disturbing. A recent statement by the Black Order, supposedly a new alliance of nazi satanists, quotes Wakeford and describes him as one of the key figures in what it heralds as the political and religious awakening of Europe.

The Order's agenda lays heavy emphasis on the cultural struggle and offers this analysis: 'One of the most important factors in the battle for the soul of Europe is that of music.

The metal, skin and industrial genres all playing significant roles. With the skin scene in confusion, the likes of Wakeford and Pearce may now be Myatt's best hope. Adherents of goth and industrial subcultures need to choose their friends carefully lest they be drawn into Myatt's kulturkampf. This Searchlight exposure caused widespread panic on the scene that would shortly be known as neo-folk as did some more or less concurrent police heat on a select few individuals active in these circles.

So those like Wakeford and Read with a severe right arm problem adopted their usual tactics of attempting to cover their tracks and keeping a low profile.

Running his own Nazi Satanist coven evidently proved too much effort for Wakeford who is lazy, and although it struggled on into the early s with the performance of late night rituals in a hired railway arch in the Elephant and Castle south London , eventually it just fizzled out. At this low point in his 'magickal' career, Wakeford is said to have been jealous of Ian Read's greater success at such activities, and the bad blood this created seems to have contributed to Read setting up his own band Fire and Ice.

Having been pressed about the matter of his National Front membership for many years, Wakeford finally issued an ambiguous public statement on 14 February in which he appeared to claim he had ended his involvement with fascism before the 'formation' of Sol Invictus in and he has told roughly the same story in various interviews.

However, if this was in fact the case then Wakeford would have broken with Richard Lawson rather than continued working with him to this day both publicly as Pete Webb notes, see above and in other less visible ways. At various points in his Nazi career, Wakeford apparently informed confidants he was terrified of being sent to jail. Wakeford didn't break with the far-Right, at some point he simply decided to concentrate on the fascist ideological struggle because he didn't like the risks involved in doing anything else.

My guess is this shift away from activism took place around the time of Wakeford's marriage, when there was a lot of heat on those who moved in National Socialist Movement and Combat 18 circles as the cops investigated the murder of Chris Castle, and then subsequently the London nail bombings; on top of which Wakeford had been exposed relatively recently as a leading Nazi Satanist in the November issue of Searchlight.

The original Sol Invictus line-up contained three identifiable fascist activists - Wakeford, Read and in the early days bassist Gary Smith of No Remorse and Combat 18 infamy - which is an unlikely tally for an ostensibly 'post'-Nazi band. I currently know nothing about Liz Grey, the fourth founding member of the group and can't find anyone else who does either.

Related speculation centres on Gary Carey of Joy of Life possibly having a hand in shaping the early Sol Invictus sound, and other 'musicians' Wakeford has worked with in a public way making secret guest appearances on Above The Ruins tracks. However, it should be stressed that when the Fat Man was hanging with middle-class Nazi 'intellectuals' like Richard Lawson and Michael Walker, his behaviour was necessarily very different, if it hadn't been he wouldn't have been tolerated by them.

Returning to Smith, Lowles writes of him and No Remorse:. In the autumn of , both bands were due to play in Chemnitz, East Germany… during the evening Browning broke off from one discussion only to see a drunken Smith slumped in the corner of the venue with a girl on each leg.

Jean-Charles was also the worse for drink…. Within minutes of starting their set, Browning had to unplug the bassist's guitar; as he was so drunk there was nothing remotely tuneful coming out of his instrument. A short time later Browning looked round in horror to see the bassist and the drummer exchanging blows… The set was abandoned and Browning stormed out of the hall.

The concert organiser had provided a chalet for the visiting C18 contingent. Browning… arrived there to find Dunne and Tanzii parading round in stolen Nazi regalia. You must be logged in to post a comment. The band that has been featured a record four times on BearTube have amicably decided to go their separate ways. The group found fame with a long line of multi-million selling albums including Automatic for the People, one of the best-selling albums of the s.

Posted By The Bearkeeper A sad and lonely old man who used to have a life but it has now been taken over by his dedication to the cause of saving Renault Bears, running Jammy Toast and searching eBay, car boot sales, charity shops, lofts and even under beds for his beloved bears. Log in to Reply. Girl on deal or no deal just won the k! Lucky bitch! The fun of pretending your spanish when homeless people ask for money.

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The mysterious ghost of a young man appears when Danny is alone in the Casper High bathroom and wrecks the place, leaving Danny to take the blame and landing him in a world of Saturday detentions. But this ghost doesn't have a gimmick or an agenda-- in fact he isn't acting like an Amity Park ghost at all.

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