Gravity Generator - BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Efectos de Sonido Vol.12 (Vinyl, LP)

People speak Portuguese in Brazil. Dan, I am not being critical or attempting to ridicule you in anyway, but I would sincerely like to know how to came to that conclusion. I think you may have accidentally hit upon their secret here. The machine is powered by translation between the two languages. You can make a generator powered by gravity.

Just drop a heavy weight on a cable that turns an electrical generator. I think I see someone who got funding from the scientifically illiterate. Geothermal is nuclear decay and heat from planetary accretion caused by gravity. Tidal is also due to gravity. The answer to this question is always the same when it comes to these machines.

IF it actually worked the whole damn world would be buzzing about it. Dumb investors? Well I think we need to keep this in perspective. Or they could not waste the money at all and use it for something useful. At least with hookers and blow you get the blow and the hookers. This gets you nothing except an ugly garden ornament. Hookers and blow would not waste as much perfectly good steel or discredit other sustainable energy projects, though.

This kind of thing is lumped in with STEM as a whole for a lot of people…. I think spending it cocaine, hookers, gambling, would be better suited. Those cocaine people always coming up with ingenious ways of doing things that work Hookers just provide a service. And they spend money on cocaine. Gambling funds hookers and cocaine. Maybe we should get the cocaine makers to make us an energy machine, after all they seam to produce this stuff in the jungles I watch tv where do they get power?

Gravity is acceleration, acceleration with mass is force, a force moving something is work. The problem with an gravity machine, is its not accelerating, obviously its just sitting there, and anything whether its huge as this thing or as small as atoms, only has potential energy not energy that can do work, until moves, when it moves though all the energy is lost that was stored, therefore consuming the gravitational potential energy. Maybe if you had some type of device that went all the way through the earth and it went back and forth, you might be able to extract a lot of energy before its potential energy is consumed, or something like most inventions, I have no idea what it may be, may even be some type of Star Trek type device that uses Sub-space, extra-dimensions, Dark Energy, or Dark matter to decrease the mass or something, and then lasts 1 year before you have to charge it again.

Gravity machine, aka hydroelectricity is quite well known and widely deplyed. Nah, the water gets up there by falling from clouds, which are formed by evaporating water, which is solar powered.

No sun, no rain, no dams. Thats the problem here, the gravitational field remains the same. This is the same as having a vehicle under constant acceleration…. The only thing they can do is to use the variation of gravitational field caused by the sun or the moon. The sun is not possible, there is not enough change in the gravitational field in our rotation around the sun. The moon is possible to use, but it requires a lot of water, it means, lakes or oceans : a small device in a basement does not have enough mass.

Most people call them hydroelectric dams. Not perpetual though. Hydroelectric dams are actually solar powered. The sun evaporates water from the ocean, which is picked up by solar driven wind currents and deposited in mountains, where it runs downhill to be captured by dams to drive turbines on its way back down to the ocean.

Actually the water is often pumped back up in off peak times so the dam acts as an instant on storage bank for peak demands. Certainly the case in the uk. Any idea on the efficiency of this method? Seems the pumping losses would exceed the off-peak power savings.

A lot of people lost what they thought were decent jobs because this fool had too much money and not enough sense. The thing is, he honestly believed in his product, but only because he know nothing about the field he was getting into.

More money than sense. At least you got paid. Actually you make a good point. With all the bullshitting and baffling, people of good faith can be led along into nonsense like this. Looks like some sort of testing machine to me. So either its specifically built to do nothing.

Or its built to do something else join testing? Look at the pics on their site. The one they are building in IL, in the background is a concrete outfit. Found it on google earth in about two seconds. So either it is something they can use at this Redi-Mix plant, or it is the owners pet project.

I guess we could call and ask? Water mills harvest gravitation energy since milenia. Actually, while this is supposed to be virtually possible, the amount of mass needed to harvest 30KW would be huuuuge : indeed, there is a lot of water in oceans and lakes :.

This is not a hoax, just a case of bad translation from portuguese! These guys are building the biggest, baddest, heaviest strandbeast ever, And since it is too heavy to move around they bolted it to the floor.

True story! Well, its food for thought. The antimatter is released into a tuned tube which keeps it from reacting with the matter that surrounds it. It is then directed toward a gaseous matter target at the end of the tube.

The matter and antimatter collide and annihilate, totally converting to energy. Supposedly the craft uses grams, cut to a triangular shape, within the reactor structure in a cloud chamber it was shown to alter, by gravitational forces, the paths of released alpha particles.

The idea of using the force of gravity to generate power has been around for some time. As far back as the s, for instance, scientists were discussing the theoretical possibility of tapping into the gravitational pull of black holes to generate power [source: Time ]. The idea was that if matter could be fired at a black hole from a safe distance so the firing device wouldn't be sucked in , the extreme squeezing of that matter by the hole's gravity would make it hot enough to start a fusion reaction.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. Phade View Profile View Posts. The grid is the platform looks like it could be another one of keens miraculous bugs. That reactor is sitting there at an strangle angle And why does your floor look like this? This push, along with the over-balance, causes the whole mechanism to rotate 90 degrees to where the right side cylinder becomes the lower cylinder, having now its ball begin its descent-producing electricity.

This process continues perpetually. This free energy generator can function because the laws of entropy prevent only singular mechanisms from performing perpetually because they need to use the energy they produce to recycle themselves.

Being a compound mechanism, this generator does not. The energy is generated, gravity rotates it. If any of you tried this experiment and it did or did not work, please comment. Also, if you have an opinion after seeing the schematics presented below, say your thoughts. Even if you found a way to work around those limiting factors, how would it be free energy? You would need large models to produce enough electricity to power more than a lightbulb, which means power plants, which means you would still be paying for it just the same as you do now.

There was a Video of a inventor. But it deleted from the server. If you have new Technology can send me sms to this number with email ID. But unfortunately that video is not available in any website now a days. If some one has that video please send us by email. Some one help will be highly appreciated for us. The laws of physics must be strictly adhered to to prevent economic instability. The laws of physics years ago clearly stated that time doesnt change as we see in time dilation… SOooo….

The laws of science years ago clearly stated that the earth was flat…. Ur Such a genious….. I was replying to a comment, not the article Sebastian. This is why the flat earth people are out in droves…. There is a photo that I shared on Facebook taken from a television satellite in You can clearly see the polar inclination causal to any cavitating mass. Here, go through these images and see what infrared, UV and high detailed satellite photography showed us decades ago.

It shows us the same thing physics shows us. If that was to happen the person will get a special Nobel Prize Overnight. Says someone who has probably never put his money where his mouth is. As for perpetual motion devices and the never ending controversy…if a device runs for say 3 years before anything has to be done to it, I would call that a great invention.

We are going to overcome the brainwashed sciences that stopped exploring and pushing the boundaries like their forebears long ago. That was back when they saw theories as theories that could be wrong or partially wrong and not chiseled in stone facts that could not be touched!

But we do still have people dedicated to learning and discovery. They will get the last laugh. Then the experts in their own mind only will claim that they knew it all along. I will only say that all the best with your invention. I will be eagerly waiting for your invention to overturn the most fundamental laws of physics. Once you have done that and proven to the entire world that perpetual motion is possible I will stop calling myself a physics person and will never teach physics again.

But before that kindly overcome the loss of energy due to inertia…. By the way there were a group of people not so distant in past who believed in alchemy. Well the rest as they say is history. Do you think we can never discovery a way to get more energy out than we put in under any circumstances?

Are we stuck with burning something as fuel, solar, wind, and hydro? I do not believe that! Do you? I know that a better way will be found. Obviously not by you….

Nevermind THAT it works! You seriously want to tap infinite energy? Then stop looking at gravity and look towards zero point energy. That is infinitely available energy and it is everywhere. Because that is real.

As for laws of science specially physics are concerned the one good thing about science is it can change. I am ready to withdraw every word I said if I can be proven wrong.

But as of now I am right. Physics is right. And perpetual motion is not possible. Simply because it is more of an engineering problem to create a lubricant that can make friction between moving parts zero. So stop blaming or fighting me because I know and you too know that I am correct in saying what I said. Millions of people out there are making perpetual machines. Every now and then I see videos claiming perpetual machines. But nobody stands the eyes of scrutiny. Because the first thing to be made for perpetual machine is a infinitely non Viscous lubricant.

And for that no machine will work … You need to delve into engineering chemistry. Your approach is not scientific. When I say scientific i am not asking you to study science. Rather a scientific approach is the one which eliminates possibilities and looks at every detail.

Most of you working on this project and only making designs out of imagination without looking at the finer details. Just answer one thing. When you attach a simple 5v dynamo to that rotating structure of perpetual motion stuff what will happen?

Have you done a thought experiment even? The dynamo will create electricity and the moment you draw it out you create back EMF due to lenz law. Now how do you over come lenz law? Claiming something without a prototype and an actual working one t that is like putting your nMe is the list of charlatans. I will not ask you to stop. Because you will simply not understand what I am saying unless you actually see and come across it.

So best of luck to all those who are a part of this team. I hope you guys will soon figure out what I am trying to convey. This trolling is not conducive to learning new things nor is it helpful in sharing testable usable ideas. Do not wait for me. I have over seventy methods that have designed, tested, built over a dozen and all have functioned as stated. Again, this is the totality of the function, not one sode of it as you have been lied to, fooled and lulled to sleep by theory and misconception and this is why you cannot do what I am doing…and ten year old children can.

Are you too old, too foolish or too ignorant or just too stupid to understand how easy this is?

May 31,  · The generator works by unbalancing a weight so that gravitational energy becomes available as input to a piezo generator. This means that a .

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  3. Gravity Generator: 17 – Roger Limb BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Efectos de Sonido Vol REC BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Out Of This World - Atmospheric Sounds And Effects From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop ‎ (LP, Album, RE) BBC Records And Tapes: REC UK: Unknown: Sell This Version: Reviews Add Review [r] Release/5(3).
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  6. Nov 30,  · Gravity based generator could easily just be any tidal generator. Now this doesn’t appear to be that at all so its no doubt just junk. But if you had a gradient in time in the gravitational.
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  9. Si te encantan los sonidos de Efectos, descargar el tono de llamada de sonido del Gravity Falls Reversa! Reemplace el sonido aburrido de su teléfono con el sonido del Gravity .

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