DJ Cue - Broken Fader Breaks Volume 3 (Vinyl, LP)

The rest of this side is arranged in sections based on instrument type: wind instruments, strings, keys and bass.

With treasures hidden throughout this release, you can keep your imagination spinning under a stylus using this magnificently crafted record. An ultra-pitch non skip DJ scratch tool with new content on vinyl by Ritchie Ruftone, with one side at 83bpm and the flip side at bpm.

Digital download also included. Moschops is the intrepid commander of Synapsid Studios where he is kept busy as a scholar and a teacher in the arts of sampling and recording. Keeping skratching and music-making fun is of the greatest importance to this lifelong beat creator, so you can expect a fun and intuitively easy-to-use skratch tool within these ancient grooves.

Loops from the original release have been reworked to function meticulously using a portable turntable with a few new fossilized samples thrown in for good measure. On the A side you will find 7 skip-proof tracks built from a large range of styles. From hip-hop to rave tunes with no shortage of lasers, bass and breaks galore… this tool will keep the creative wax wiggler busy for days!

The B side has a similar format of 7 skip-proof tracks with audio treasures hidden in-between the loops, ensuring the highest amount of original content possible for your productions and cuts! Beyond looking supremely ill, these etches are designed to be used as cue point markers for the start of each track.

Specifically aimed not only at skratchers but beat-smiths as well, this release is pressed onto black vinyl to squeeze the maximum amount of quality out of the audio found on this disc. Limited vinyl edition! Moschops has been rocking a deck and sampler for close to 3 decades.

From Milton Keynes, Moschops started producing rave and dance tunes at a young age his first release on wax dropped on his 16th birthday , which lead to him experimenting with all types of electronic music, eventually leading to the majority of his work falling into the hip hop category.

Prior to that he had been a big part of the Irish hip hop scene as he lived there for a few years, making instruemtals for various crews, and doing Djing performances in a variety of settings: educational, art installations, and straight up raw live gigs. His main weapon of choice is an SP sampler, and a seemingly infinate archive of obscure, characteristic samples sourced from all over the globe.

From his underground lair — Synapsid Studios — Moschops has been curating the samples found on Skratch Fossils with a historical perspective many samples hark back to the early hardcore days of the UK rave scene while promoting future experimentation for users of the record, offering a fresh sound pallette made with exquisite attention to detail.

In , Moschops and Symatic presented a lecture on the process used to put a skipless scratch vinyl together at the Sample Music Festival in Berlin while this release was being put together. This will be followed up with another lecture at the SMF event, by which time the finished record wil be in full circulation. Despite the Skipless format of the record, there is no shortage of bonus material, hidden easter eggs, and varied content to keep you happy both in a live setting where you need easy access to awesome sounds, and in a studio environment where you may want to dig a little deeper.

Side-A contains: Redmist has repped hard for the South American turntablist scene with various musical collaborations, beat loopers and scratch compositions that stand out for their musical maturity, executed with surgical precision. Improvise Wisely was conceived as a musical library for scratch performers to be able to throw on the turntable and start using immediately and intuitively. The sounds have been arranged in a geometric pattern on both sides, so once the user has chosen a starting point, they can easily visualize where corresponding notes, beats and scales are on the record surface.

Each side contains skipless scratch sentences, grouped by instrument style eg: Vocal, Percussion, Bass, Synth and they have even been arranged according to their frequency content to account for the decreasing resolution of record grooves as they get closer to the center of the disc. Both sides end with tuned lock-grooves, for endless tone-play, and the whole record follows a Jazz-inspired theme both stylistically and in terms of the scales used.

Combine this with a loop-pedal, or use multiple copies and multiple DJs and within moments you will have the makings of new improvised tracks! The Breaks Collective Vol. This selection of ready-to-use samples from electro-funk and post-disco records offers a pack of in-demand kicks, snares, clapping sounds, horns, vocals, guitar riffs, percussion, drums, synthesizers and slap bass loops, all digitally remastered for your beat making pleasure.

Paul Nice delivers Volume 15 in his "Drum Library" series. The fifteenth volume in the expansive drum loop series. All just raw drum loops here - no synthetics! Lifted from some of the rarest vinyl available then cleaned and looped nicely, this is great for your sampler and jugglers alike. Paul Nice delivers Volume 14 in his "Drum Library" series.

The fourteenth volume in the expansive drum loop series. Practice Yo! Cuts v3 remixed! Plus a lot more! A deep cut non skip 7" DJ scratch tool by Ritchie Ruftone, with one side at 83bpm and the flip-side at bpm. Dj T-Kut y Dj Player proudly present a essential tool for begginner and advanced deejay players. You can practice skratch endless. You can find 2 different speeds Great release for the veteran guys in the house.

Another set of drum breaks, handpicked by DJ Paul Nice himself! Release: US — Original. Performed live on the Chilean S-Word Community Skratch Music Tour in January , at the height of the ongoing Chilean revolution, the album was fuelled by the collective energy that has been steadily building throughout the country. Passion is always high, and time is always short Every member of the band is involved in numerous groups and projects, and a diverse range of styles and influences are found meshed together in these wondrous and inspirational tracks.

They take the listener deep down the rabbit hole that is turntablism and jazz fused together by four of the strongest established turntable musicians that perform today. They explore fresh directions based on previously explored ideas Mastered by D. Perez, art by Fso. DJ Because and DJ Efechto have teamed up to give you a new 7" vinyl, full of original non-skip tracks to keep your scratch game solid. Made with chaos color vinyl, so every copy is a unique color. Limited Edition copies.

Ugly Mac Beer present "Art of Scratching" 24 skip proof loops in reference to the cult video game of the 90's. Lovers of lo-fi sound and killer combos, this record is for you! Be ready and practice your cuts. DJ lighting. DJ spare parts. Computer accessories. Studio equipment.

Drum machines. Studio headphones. Digital recorders. Guitar accessories. Studio accessories. GBP My Language. Wishlist Log in to view your wishlist. Items in wishlist:. Items in cart:. DJ Rectangle. Play All. Sort Artist. Items 1 to 50 of 61 on page 1 of 2. People also bought Frosted Brakes Disc 2 LP. Frosted Brakes US. By The People US. Sin Center US. This will allow you to beatmatch the track that you want to play next while only you can hear it.

The first is the Mix knob. This adjusts how I hear the cued audio in my headphones. With the knob all the way to the left, I only hear the audio coming through the cued channels. Sort Price. Items 1 to 22 of 22 on page 1 of 1. People also bought Entry-level rotary option from German brand Omnitronic offers similar features and sound to boutique mixers three or four times the price. Due to its high quality components, the sound pattern is good and appealing.

The large potentiometers of both input channels allow very smooth transitions, hardly realizable with a conventional mixer. Both input channels can be switched between line and phono. A microphone input is also at hand. The kill characteristic provides a total erasure of basses, mids and highs and so enables creative mixing.

Due to its booth output and a separate volume control, the TRM MK3 can also be used in clubs without a problem. Thanks to the record output, it is also possible to record own's DJ set. Its quartz-controlled direct-drive motor delivers perfect speed accuracy when playing back records, and its 4. The exclusive feature of 2 RCA outputs allows to connect one turntable into 2 mixers at the same time for easy scratch battle set up and more. Classic Technics-style design updated with nice modern features like adjustable pitch range and reverse function.

The new MK2 version comes with several improvements, including a newly developed top panel and reworked metallic buttons with enhanced feel as well as a variety of functions. The precision-engineered die-cast platter is accelerated by a powerful motor with a high-torque direct drive of more than 1.

The RP MK2 features a statically balanced s-shaped tone arm with hydraulic lift and anti-skating mechanism. Via the universal connection for pick-up systems SME a large number of pick-up systems can be connected. The improved touch upon hit offers a clear haptic feedback. The sturdy construction with optimized damping features and shock-absorbing feet improve isolation from unwanted vibrations. Native Instruments. Works as a standalone option or in addition to turntables or CDJs, adding loop controls, effects and more.

Supplier notes: Already the standard for performance DJ controllers, the mighty Traktor Kontrol X1 delivers as much power as portability controlling Traktor decks and effects.

Whether DJing all-digital, or using time code control, the new X1 now delivers added instant control over all essential DJ functions on 2 track decks for seamless command of Traktor software and a design that feels instantly familiar. A new tactile touch strip brings you closer to the music without ever having to reach for your turntable or CDJ -perfect for quick, precise nudging, track seeking, or loops and effects control. Traktor Kontrol X1's eight knobs and buttons control up to three effects on two of the four effect units.

An ultra-intuitive layout puts browse, cue, sync, and loop controls right where you need them while touch-sensitive browser and loop controls provide smart software navigation.

On the fly remixing has also never been easier as direct access to Traktor's Flux mode now allows you to juggle cue points and loop effects without missing a beat. Take physical control of your music with or without turntables or CDJs. Traktor Kontrol X1 now includes a multi-purpose touch strip that delivers ultra-precise command over track position, pitch bend, and even FX at the swipe of a finger.

Digital displays and LED indicators provide visual feedback so you know where you stand when the night is in full swing.

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  2. DJ Cue is an essential member to the history of turntablism. Cue (Frank Cuevas) originates from Daly City, CA, and first jumped onto the turntables in He co-created the first battle DJ break record, Hamster Break, Vol. 1 and took part in the Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters.
  3. Label: Broken Fader Breaks - BFB • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Instrumental, Electro, DJ Battle Tool DJ Cue - Broken Fader Breaks Volume 2: Fresh Out The Box (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(4).
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  7. Limited edition Black 12 inch vinyl. An ultra-pitch deep cut non skip DJ scratch tool on vinyl by Ritchie Ruftone, with one side at bpm and the flip side at bpm. Includes dope new scratch phrases in addition to remixed content from the TTW 7 inch - plus a drum section teared up on the MPCX! Extra stickers plus digital download also.
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