Dirty Treats Featuring Praverb The Wyse* - Original / Everything Is Broken (Vinyl)

The record was basically me holding a mirror up to people in today's society, so they could see where the problems lies; change starts with self. Why should people download Elephant In The Room? Because I believe that I'm one of the most underrated artist from Chicago who deserves a fair shot. Elephant In The Room can be downloaded from Rapzilla. One of the things that I admire about you is your transparency. You were never afraid to share your experience or life with us the audience.

Would you mind sharing your writing process with us? I sit down at the kitchen table and before I write anything, I pray! After that I use my voice as an instrument and become one with the beat!

What is your favorite biblical book? Psalms and Proverbs Those are my favorite, they do something to my soul! What are currently working on? Records for different artist in the game and my album Blind Elephant that's due to be released when ever the someone comes along with the right situation. How can the masses get in contact with you? Any final words? The holidays are right around the corner and this year has been good to me.

The international homies did the unexpected and featured my voice, personality etc on wax. I always admired wax growing up yet I did not truly understand the crate digging culture until recently.

I was talking to my son, Matthew, and he suggested that I organized a contest he is only 2 weeks out haha that revolves around the vinyl.

I do not have a vinyl player so the vinyl that was sent to me is collecting dust haha. I want to bless you with the opportunity to win free vinyl! All you have to do is respond to a simple question. Five winners will be be chosen randomly after December 12th What will you receive? The contest will last from November 20th Tuesday to December 11th Tuesday at noon, so make sure you leave your responses.

I will also handle the shipping for the vinyl so it doesn't matter where you live. The question is located below. What do you enjoy the most about the holidays? The homie Radek from Tynikdy. You can preview the project below. Australia is represented by Ta-Ku and Noyce.

The instrumental tape was created to mark the release of Nopromo's first T-Shirt collection. Nopromo decided to produce a limited quantity of shirts 30 that you can purchase HERE. I love the fact that The Last Emperor raps from a childhood perspective and relies on his imagination.

I miss songs like this. The Last Emperor provided us with a lot of creative content. Hopefully he will release something in the future. I was exposed to this spoken word poem from Writer Jones earlier this week and well it is freaking awesome. The Portsmouth, Va poet recently released a project called Intellectually Street that you can purchase on iTunes.

I have been a fan of Kansas emcee Cash Hollistah for awhile. I was surprised to find his latest submission in my inbox. Cash recruits Sean C. Johnson and they collectively attack Topspin 's production with Silverback esque intensity. You can Purchase "goRilla" via iTunes. Instead of asking questions related to artistry I decided to interview an actual artist and present a handful of questions.

Torae is one of my favorite emcees. He took the time to answer my questions. Recently he released an awesome project called Off The Record and I asked him questions about the project via Twitter. I had these songs left over from for the record that hasn't come out so I decided to make an EP.

There was one tweeter who said I had no depth or something to that effect, but overall good. It's 8 dope jams for the people. Much appreciated! I actually reviewed the album. The Swedish based hip-hop duo are back with a new single from an untitled EP. Not very complicated, but very dope. The video is pretty creative. I love the unity that is exhibited in this video. The props were very minimal a photo booth and a collection of Swedish talent ranging from other emcees to dj's to musicians to streetwear entrepreneurs.

The director, Jacqueline Ragheb, describes the video like this: During this shoot our colorful and artistic photo booth captured happiness on faces that can not be wiped away. This song gives us alot of energy and joy and our photo booth represents that. So come get some! He provided some incredible leads and exposed me to artists I have never heard before. This list is comprised of artists that have the quality or qualities to reach a vast majority of people.

This list may have some omissions and I apologize if I did not include you or an artist that you like. The focus of this list revolves around education, you educate me and I educate you.

Please share the name and link of the artist that you believe should be added in the comments section and this list will continue to grow. Dj SoulClap took time out of his busy schedule to address 9 things that we the masses should know about Underground Superstars. Remember you can pre-order the album via iTunes and support future releases. I featured him on the Soul Occs track "Dedicated to the B's" , that happened after meeting him for the first time after a show in !

In March, last year we decided to do an album together, in August he came to Germany to shoot the video, take pictures and re-record the majority of the songs, the album was almost done back then, it just took so long because we needed to collect the features. We named the album Underground Superstars , because we have this track on the album called Underground Superstar.

That was the beginning of the beat when I made it, added some cuts that fit to the theme and that's it! Last year we finally had the chance to end all the talking and played against each other. I won't tell you how it ended though But that feud is over, lol! We got a feature by a German female rapper called Pyranja. I think that's pretty revolutionary because US artists usually don't want anybody from overseas on their own joints. She did her thing and spit some fire, although you won't understand what she's saying you will definitely feel it.

It's actually one of my favorite songs on the album. Sounds a lot, but there are features on like half of the tracks, some are just hooks, so there is going to be a lot of Punchline s!

This actually is Punch's first solo album. I'm proud that I am the one to produce it. That man is a legend. I mean we are a team, but it's only him rapping, so it's definitely kind of a solo album.

The album will be out May 8th at all digital outlets! You can preorder the album on iTunes. The CD's will be out a little later, so keep your eyes and ears open! We are already working on a follow up! You can check the snippets here:. Pretty stellar SP tape!

Check it. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? See more of sp Log In. State Of Mind Advertisement. College Basketball: AP Headlines. College Football: AP Headlines. Unfortunately "I Want More" was only released in limited quantities on an obscure French label, making vinyl copies a hot commodity for years.

The album was not officially released on CD until , when FnA Records release all three of the band's early independent albums. In this case, the artwork is an improvement over the original.

Unfortunately I found the re-mastering on all three releases to be particularly harsh, especially in the high end which brings out wispy sounding cymbals. The vinyl version is well produced and warmer that the FnA release. The CD re-issue contains two bonus tracks. Dirty Looks - Cool from the Wire Atlantic One of my roommates was from Pennsylvania where D. He hooked all of us up with cassette copies of "In Your Face".

The album quickly became a favorite among the metal and rock fans at R. I wore that tape out and eventually replaced it with a vinyl copy. A few years later Dirty Looks finally signed with a major label and released "Cool from the Wire".

Several songs from "In Your Face" made the cut and were re-recorded for the band's Atlantic Records debut. The album was produced by well known producer Max Norman. This was their big "make-it" album and did well for the band achieving gold sales. The album reached on the Billboard charts. The song had also appeared on the band's last two independent release and was their signature track. This song had a big hook and a nasty groove. Actually every song on this disc has a big hook.

They had it all; the looks, the hooks, the label backing, attitude, charisma, the right producer and more talent than some bands who selling millions of albums. Regardless, decades later and "Cool from the Wire" still ranks among one of my all time favorite albums. Dirty Looks - Turn of the Screw Atlantic Anna" 8.

Dirty Looks guitar pick. From what I have read, the band was fighting over the direction they should take after the success of "Cool from the Wire" but their record company was pressuring them for a new album.

When "Turn of the Screw" was released, it did well initially but sales stopped quickly because the music just didn't have the immediate hooks that "Cool from the Wire" had. There are a few exceptions like the title track and "Nobody Rides for Free," which was getting some airplay on rock radio. Likewise, "Hot Flash Jelly Roll" could have been released as a single with it's infectious, sing-along chorus. Frankly, I think "Turn of the Screw" is a great album full of that greasy, heavy swagger that Dirty Looks are known for.

I own this one on CD and vinyl. Dirty Looks - Bootlegs Roadrunner I rarely see this one on eBay or on anyone's trade lists. I even checked Shrapnel's page and this disc wasn't listed on it either.

A good friend of mine picked up this one for me fairly cheap in Germany at a used store. I wonder had this been the follow up to "Cool from the Wire" if Dirty Looks would have continued to climb up the ladder of success rather than plummeting to the status as permanent bar band? Not that it really matters as far as the music is concerned because, despite the fact that Dirty Looks were not selling millions, the music continued to impress.

Dirty Looks, like similar sleaze rockers KIX never really could catch a break. Favorite cuts are album opener "Blue Tequila," the bluesy title track and "Violence in Blue" and album closer "Cardiac Arrest. Also of note is that David Krebbs, former Aerosmith manager, is listed as Executive Producer which simply means he put up the money for the band to record.

Too bad he didn't put more money into promotions as I didn't even hear about this release until it was relegated to the cut out bins. They both sell for much more on ebay now. Paul Lidel went on to play guitar for Dangerous Toys for a while. Dirty Looks - Chewing on the Bit Rockworld Could it be Dirty Looks are not just in it for the fame and fortune but actually have some musical and artistic integrity?

Could I be they like the style of music they play as opposed to following the the trends? Henrik is the only remaining original member at this point, but the sound is still unmistakably Dirty Looks. Heavy, sleazy, catchy, rock and roll. First of all, the cover was a single page insert with no photos, no credits and no lyrics, and there were only eight new songs.

I assumed that lack of sales from the past albums caused lackluster label interest. Apparently this was somewhat true as the band was dropped shortly after the release of "O.

Not only does it have a proper booklet with lyrics, but also contains several songs not on the Rockworld release. It contains better produced versions of four songs that made it onto the "Slave to the Machine" CD and 1 song "Like I Do" that wasn't released anywhere else that I am aware of.

The booklet, while being far better than the original, still contains no information of who played what on these songs, although it is nice to finally have the lyrics. So, I said all that to say, if you are looking to acquire this CD, you would be better off purchasing the Music For Nations version as you will get far more for your money. Dirty Looks, despite their lack of popularity and label backing continues to stare the music industry in the face and give it the finger.

I guess they know what they like and what they do best.

Dirty Treats Ft. Praverb The Wyse / Everything Is Broken Exquizite / Daybreak Braintax / Future Years Finsta Bundy / Don't Stress Tomorrow The Nonce / Who Falls Apart? Parallax / Bleeding Hate (Instrumental) Rip Styles / Afta Midnight MF Grimm / Landslide (Remix) Cream Team / Hustle So Much Polecat / R.I.

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  1. Apr 23,  · Dirty Treats ‎– Original / Everything Is Broken Label: Blunted Astronaut Records Format: Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Limited Edition, White Vinyl Country: UK Released: Producer: Dirty .
  2. Words can not describe how excited I was when Dirty Hairy told me that "Original" and "Everything is Broken" would be released via vinyl. Here is a little backdrop for those that have not heard these tracks. Dirty Hairy originally sent me these beats in and of .
  3. Dirty Treats Featuring Praverb The Wyse* Dirty Treats Featuring Praverb The Wyse* - Original / Everything Is Broken ‎ (7", Num, Whi) Blunted Astronaut Records: BAR-7 .
  4. Dirty Treats Dirty Treats is DIRTY HAIRY & ILL TREATS. These jazzy cats starting making music together in drum machines,vinyl, sputexovalcyde.sadoubmiveversreciperlozacansign.co know the rest. Original / Everything is broken (Maxi single), released 29 July 1. Original (featuring Praverb The Wyse) 2. Everything is broken (featuring Praverb The Wyse).
  5. Feb 29,  · Dirty Treats - Everything Is Broken Dirty Treats featuring Praverb The Wyse Dirty Treats featuring Praverb The Wyse - Original - Duration:
  6. added Dirty Treats Featuring Praverb The Wyse* - Original / Everything Is Broken to their collection. over 7 years ago added MPadrums* - Blunted Beats Vol.1 to their collection.
  7. May 25,  · BeatPete - Vinyl Session - Part # 18 Tracks from: Intro - Damu The Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic - KanKick - Pseudo Intellectuals - Kalhex feat. Rob-O - Soul Position - Dirty Treats & Praverb The Wyse.
  8. BACKYARD JOINTS Dedicated to the dopest Joints in grown up Hip-Hop, Beats, Funk, Soul and Jazz. Creating a soundscape that makes your head nod and your feet itch. BeatPete bringing you his highly contagious Dope on plastic plus different guest DJs and poducers from all over the world to present their music. Backyard Joints taking place @ Panke (Berlin) Backyard Joints guests: Damu The.

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