Deep Deep Love - 香港威廉大樂隊* - 14 Golden Instrumental Hits (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Violetta, Annina, Germont Scene 1 - Di Provenza il mar, il suol Germont Scene 2 - Invitato a qui seguirmi Violetta, Germont, all Teneste la promessa - Attendo, ne a me giungon mai - Addio del passato Violetta Parigi, o cara, noi lasceremo Alfredo, Violetta Ah, Violetta! Pari siamo Rigoletto Mio padre! Rigoletto, Gilda Deh, non parlare al misero Rigoletto Quanto dolor! Gilda, Rigoletto, Giovanna Veglia, o donna, questo fior Giovanna, Gilda, Rigoletto, Duke Gualtier Malde Caro nome Gilda Act 2.

Ella mi fu rapita! Duke Parmi veder le lagrime Duke Povero Rigoletto! Cortigiani, vil razza dannata Rigoletto Ebben piango Rigoletto Mia Gilda! Gilda, Rigoletto, Borsa, Marullo, Ceprano, chorus Tutte le feste al tempio Rigoletto, Gilda Piangi, fanciulla Rigoletto, Gilda Compiuto pur quanto Rigoletto, Gilda Si, vendetta Rigoletto, Gilda Act 3. La donna e mobile Duke Un di, se ben rammentomi Duke, Gilda, Maddalena, Rigoletto Chi e maii, chi e qui in sua vece? Rigoletto Le fosche notturne spoglie Anvil Chorus Chorus of gypsies Stride la vampa!

Azucena Part 1. Tutto e deserto Il balen del suo sorriso Count di Luna, Ferrando Squilli, echeggi la tromba guerriera Chorus of soldiers Ah si, ben mio Leonora, Manrico Di quella pira Leonora, Manrico, Ruiz Timor di me Miserere Leonora, Manrico, chorus Madre, non dormi?

Manrico, Azucena Un giorno Azucena, Manrico Manrico, Leonora, Azucena Se quel querrier io fossi! Celeste Aida Radames Ritorna vincitor!

Aida Act 2. Vieni, o guerriero vindice Chorus of the people, Ramfis, chorus of priests Act 3. Qui Radames verra! O patria mia Aida Aida, Amonasro Act 4. Gia i sacerdoti adunansi Amneris, Radames Amneris, Ramfis, chorus of priests Ramfis, chorus of priests, Amneris Presago il core della tua condanna Aida, Radames, chorus of priests and priestesses Overture Act 2.

Son giunta! Madre, Madre, pietosa Vergine Leonora, chorus Il santo nome di Dio Signore La vita e inferno Urna fatale del mio destino Carlo, a surgeon Rataplan, rataplan, rataplan! Preziosilla, chorus Act 4. Le minaccie, i fieri accenti Alvaro, Carlo Pace, pace mio Dio! Leonora Paura Sulla Citta Considerazioni Su un Omicidio Sui Tetti di Parligi Sospiri Da una Radio Lontana Parigi Segreta Azione Panoramica Ostaggi Paura Sulla Citta Finale Sosta Vietata Manichini Ore 12 Saint German des Prez Attentato Tradimento Politico Attentato Disc: 11 Diavolo Nel Cervello, Film Score Ecce Homo, Film Score Ecce Homo, Film Score Disc: 14 Serpente, Film Score Serpente, Film Score Disc: 15 Preludio Alla Prima Moglie Una Macabra Scoperta Interludio Alla Seconda Moglie Romantico Postludio Alla Terza Moglie Dedicato Alla Quarta Violinista Povera Sesta Brutta Fanfara Requiem Per La Setttima Prelude Alla Prima Moglie Romantico Disc: 16 Tarantella Titoli di Coda Disc: 17 I Bambini Ci Chiedono Perche Gott mit Uns, Film Score Gott mit Uns, Film Score Disc: 20 Viva La Revolucion Tepepa Tepepa E Price Tradimento Primo Meta Strada Al Messico Che Vorrei Una Rosa Consegna Delle Armi Una Povera Casa Tradimento Secondo Tepepa Viva La Revolucion Disc: 21 Califfa Requiem Per un Operaio Sotto La Pioggia Donne al Fiume Pace Interiore Dentro La Macchina Addio Alla Fabbrica Ricordo di un Amico Donne al Fiume 2 Cena Notturno Donna E La Campagna Gelo E Disprezzo Trittico Per Organo Fari Nella Notte Impatto Califfa 2 Finale Disc: 23 Punto E Basta Titoli di Testa Vai Via Malinconia Ai, Morena Ad Ogni Costo In Chiesa Samba Bamba Versione Coro Dirgli Solo No Tudo E Nada Voce Ai, Morena Versione No.

Samba Do Desprezo Em Fiz Mal Em Dizer Avventuriero, Pt. Rogo Della Strega Agguato Notturno Attimo di Tenerezza Paura Dei Ricordi Tema di Peirol Peirol Forza il Blocco Varo I Love You. Beatles for Sale - 01 - No Reply. Revolver - 01 - Taxman.

Party Time BYOB Ready or Not OK Love Is Play VS. Slow Dance Say Love M Right 8. Come To Me Times of Your Life Aubrey Vincent I Guess Im Paranoid Palpitation Even If We Did His Remedy Im pathetic enough Season Sign For Everyone 3.

TOY INTRO Hit The Rhyme Start It Underground SL Beat Outro Rock Star Say a lil something Green Door Thank You 5. Flamenco Guitar Solo Every Breath You Take Imaginary Friend - Intro Counting Sheep - Interlude Sweet Dream - Interlude Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso - Allegro con spirito Andantino semplice Allegro moderato Canzonetta: Andante Ouverture solennelle "," Op.

Pezzo in forma di sonatina Waltz Elegie: Larghetto elegiaco Finale Tema russo Voyevoda, Op. Working men blues 3. I believe 5. LiAR 6. Fade away 7. Montage Oneway Generation 2. MAMA 2. Monster 3. Thunder 6.

Artificial Love 8. My Lady Sing For You Cloud 9 Heaven Girl x Friend Together Full Moon Drop That LUCKY Run Lotto For Life. Crying Aiming for Utopia I can't live without you. Say I Love you You Know Crazy for you 4. Don't you? Girl's Talk 7. Simple Return to Zero 2. Before I Fail 3. Power of Life and Death 4.

LLLD 5. To Catch the Right Way 6. Interlude 7. SHINE 8. Set Your Goal 9. Accept Each Other's Sense of Values Fight Against the Limit The Sun Also Rises.

Don't give it up 6. Limited addiction 7. We are the light. Keep On Music 5. The Time We've Been together 2. Break Up In The Morning 3. Too Late 4. My Darling 5. Heart Beat feat. Anoc 6. Earthquake 7. Wish 8. A Day Back Home Stay Alone Never Kim Won Joo Solo The Time We've Been together Inst. Too Late Inst. My Darling Inst. Anoc Inst. Earthquake Inst. Wish Inst. A Day Inst.

Back Home Inst. Stay Alone Inst. Glory Wave 3. Faith 5. Break Free 7. Shake It Off 8. Smile At Me 9. Have Dreams! HERO Shine Japanese Ver. Amplifire 2. Pandemoniac Frustration 3. Dreamers Are Lonely 4. Paradox 6. Blue Sky 7. Maze 8. Parade 9. London Bridge Aquarium Amplifire Reprise. Skit 4. Oh Tsumami 6.

Skit 2 7. Skit 3 Skit 4 Respect My Friend. Ocean 2. Charger 3. Sleepless feat. Carry On feat. Komei 5. Strange 6. Return 7. Do feat. Itsuki 8. Mirror 9. TAMA All Night Long feat. The Awakening 2. The Hammer Of Wrath 3. Warning Shot 4. Shadowmaker 5. Scream For Me Awakened Version 6. Liar 7. Burden Of Time 8. The Apocalypse Awakened Version 9. Inspire Edge Of The World Bravehearted Awakened Version.

NO WAR in the future 4. My Confession feat. KAHI 2. My Confession Inst. What You Gonna Do. Format 2. Long Time No 4. End Line. It's needless to ask 2. It's needless to ask Inst. Miss you erase you feat. Baek Sunnyeo 2. Miss you erase you Inst. Get It On The Floor 6. Happy Everyday 7. Life s a struggle 8.

Rap Star Back In My Zone On My Way Outro. Flow On. Sick Of You. Something Happens In This Afternoon feat. You're My Friend. Fun Halloween 2. Knock, Knock, Knock, Candies, Please! Trick or Treat 4. Ha Ha Ha Happy Halloween. Nils Adventure 2. Maya's Adventure 3. Who is our son? Hello To Goodbye 2. Hello To Goodbye Inst. Only without me. Masks Ferry Remix. Grown up. To You 2. Entrain Boy 4. To You - Instrumental 8. Entrain Boy - Instrumental Espresso 2. Espresso Inst.

What I Want 2. What I Want - Instrumental. Come Closer 2. Like a Movie 3. Letters from SGT. Blue Love 5. Happy Birthday. Love Song. Gonna Be Fine. You are in my heart 2. You are in my heart Inst.

Aroma 2. Aroma - Instrumental. Can't Stop. Simple words. Excuse Me - Diss. Morning Glow 2. With You 3. Smile Again 7.

Prelude 8. Breeze With You - Acoustic Ver. Take 2 4. Losing Sleep 2. Hangin' On 3. Holiday 4. Radio And The Rain 5.

She's Got A Way 7. Leave Me Wanting More 8. Trouble Looking 9. Woke Up Like This Blacked Out. It's My Party - Live Heroes - Live Cole World Intro 2. Unbothered 3. You 4. Incapable 5. Best Friend 6. Vault 7. Act Right 8. Right Time 9. Emotional Ride Cole World Outro. At Home With Ozuna Ozuna. Guapdad on Platinum Falcon Returns Guapdad Coming Soon See All.

Love Goes Sam Smith. Jewel Box Elton John. More to Explore. Top Charts. Event details were correct at the time of publication, but make sure you check with the venue yourself.

Taiwan Calliing is back! The line-up has been set and from the looks of it, theres something for everyone and you might come out of it finding a new favourite band! Morrissey will be making his Hong kong live debut at Macpherson Stadium. The lead singer of The Smiths has been widely credited as being one of the most influential figures in the history of British Pop, and indie rock. Starting from the musical roots in , the band has seen and witnessed the evolution in this musical tree, having worked with Toots, Bunny Wailer and Bob Marley,all the big names!

Get ready to stomp your feet loud on the floors of E-Max Music Zone. The Berlin Fest will circle around the idea of transforming PMQ into a mini version of the exciting city, highlighting the unique foods and street culture of the city, the festival will introduce Hong Kong locals with the great vibes that Berlin offers, offering dance performances, screenings and a kids corner to educate everyone about the coolest city in Europe.

Freespace Happening took a break over the summer, but they are back this weekend bringing back out favorite outdoors cinema for all you movie lovers! Of course the weekend will also be bringing together music creatives curated by Vicky Fung. With the Hong Kong skyline the most breath taking background as the venue for the Singaporean festival, the HongKong edition would surely please the fans who enjoys a great night of partying, and live music.

This event combines both sports with entertainment, creating an action packed weekend for all you adrenaline junkies out there. Get ready to be transported back to the fifties with the Rockabilly gang as this year marks the fifth year of the Dirty Boogie Rockabilly Festival, there will be International live music, live tattoo and barber sessions as well as a vintage market for those who are looking to surround themselves with everything fifties!

Ditching the old fashioned big company sponsors, this show is supported by local businesses throughout the city, what a great way to support local creativity! It will be a very educational experience for people who are seeking to get a new tattoo. Known for being one of the leading artists of French House Movement, Kartell also spends his time discovering up and coming young talents, hoping to grow the Funky French House music community.

The Festival will be bringing live electronic based music, DJ sets as well as art workshops together to create an all rounded and zen experience for festival goers. Prepared to experience a chilled out festival out in the country side of Hong Kong. Berlin based duo The KVB. Screenshot it and send it to lucky boom-asia. Halloween Fest in Ocean Park Ocean Park is back this year with the ghostbusters themed poster, and with 7 new attractions to make this October the creepiest month of the year.

If you are willing to face your innermost fears, join this year to see for yourself. Slowly the villains will join in to spook all the corners of the park. Join the guys at Pink Season at FLM Bar this year , there will be exciting lucky draws and also a costume contest, so be prepared to look your very best for the night of scremas.

The evening will also feature fabulous entertainments. This marks the 9th year of the party, and from past experience they know how to throw a good party.

This would be the best place to bring your whole family to celebrate the spooky holiday. The Haunted Room is back this year and there will be an awesome Dj Line-Up for all of you to scream and shake to their amazing beats. A lot of cash prizes awaits for those who has the best looking costume and the sickest moves.

For those who are looking for a scare all year round, try throwing yourself into a LOST HK experience, attendees would have to try to escape from the specifically themed room, all with a chilling back story to it, fail it and you might be locked in forever.

You will also be able to bring some of their special edition art works home from their gift shop. By pairing the Retro Receiver with a Bluetooth compatible wireless controller, you could easily relive the moments.

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For anyone whose looking for something thats more lightweight this is perfect for your. It would work and look great attending festivals, being on flights or just as a fashion accessory. Believing everyone got the news, Apple just announced on the 7th September the birth of the iPhone 7.

Apple added in two new shades of black, giving it a very sleek new look. With many new updates on the software, and a more compact outlook.

This is the hottest item this month. The Insta Air has a bubble like outlook. It will be available in November and will feature the same p camera sensor, but has to work with a smart phone. To date, Everyhting But has participated in music production of over 1, episodes of Pili Puppet Show.

It specializes in the management and distribution of songs and lyrics. We speicalize in the distribution and management of songs and lyrics in Taiwan and overseas. The company currently owns the rights to the works of more than one hundred artists. We also distribute and administer songs and lyrics owned by established overseas music publishers. We administer more than one million copyrighted works in Taiwan.

Trees collaborates with artists in producing quality music. Operation includes the planning, production and operation of concerts by artists. Starting in , the Association established the Indie Hero Awards with the purpose of bolstering the record industry in Taiwan and affirming the diligent work of its musicians, and ultimately prevent albums from going unduly under the radar.

The Association hopes that down the road, the awards can gain the same level of importance as the Grammy Awards in the US. It is a company-run management system rather than a personally-run makeup studio made in the spirit of markets and enterprises. Its teams have participated in the production of a number of movies, TV shows, and theatre performances. We also work with various singers and musicians from home and abroad by inviting them to performances and helping them expand their reach in the muscial world.

Kanjian has offices in Shanghai , Hong Kong and Taipei. Its works include: concerts in the Chinese world, stage design for major awards and ceremonies, big music festivals, art exhibitions, fashion shows, cultural festivals, area planning, professional exhibition space planning, and the initial hardware design for Taipei Arena.

Services focus on the comprehensive customization of audio-visual materials, in addition to providing a wide variety of atmospheric sound effects. It is a cultural-creative organization that provides legally-authorized music for TV, radio, and other media channels.

約書亞樂團第14張敬拜讚美專輯 【愛贏了Let Love Win】 抽象圖 Abstract 失戀筆記 《女兒情》(電影《西遊記女兒國》推廣曲) 歌手 Episode 9 Promise 約定 大願地藏-南無地藏王菩薩 蔡小虎-再生緣 我愛你 《你的服務跟得上品牌嗎》中文有聲書摘 莫吉托 若是情長 Evian.

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  1. The who – Greatest Hits (Red Vinyl) S$; New York Dolls – New York Dolls (Pink Vinyl) S$; Cream – Disraeli Gears (Green Vinyl) S$; The Rolling Stones – Between The Buttons (Turquoise Vinyl) S$; Lana Del Rey – Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass S$; Deep Purple – Burn (Opaque Orange Vinyl) S$
  2. The Golden Melody Awards was created with the purpose of affirming all of the great talent that is discovered year by year, but it also helps to promote, spread, and market Taiwan’s pop music to.
  3. 張國榮80年代引退前的*後專輯,香港樂迷不能忘記的經典之作 限量編號版本.
  4. 含有此ISRC曲目的專輯 我愛你 《你的服務跟得上品牌嗎》中文有聲書摘 莫吉托 若是情長 Evian OPEN! THE WORLD 地燈 有了你一樣傷悲 醉心集(2.
  5. 李玟 - YOU & ME 莫文蔚 - DIVA 蔡依林 - 獨佔神話 李玟 - So Crazy 莫文蔚 - 24hrs 蔡依林 - Love Love Love - 年專輯 Elvis Presley - 年專輯 Elvis - 年專輯 Loving You - 年專輯 Elvis’ Christmas Album - 年專輯 Elvis’ Golden Records (Volume 1) - 年專輯.
  6. 約書亞樂團第14張敬拜讚美專輯 【愛贏了Let Love Win】 失戀筆記 抽象圖 Abstract 《女兒情》(電影《西遊記女兒國》推廣曲) 歌手 Episode 9 Promise 約定 大願地藏-南無地藏王菩薩 水中雲 Miss南台灣同名專輯 愛_不需要理由 Love Yourself - 電視影集《雙城故事》片頭曲.
  7. 网易云音乐是一款专注于发现与分享的音乐产品,依托专业音乐人、dj、好友推荐及社交功能,为用户打造全新的音乐生活。.
  8. 壁虎大樂隊同名專輯 校聲滾滾1 和平的信鴿 直覺 校園輕快金曲精選 阿通 Basics In Pronunciation 卡帶 《第一次英語大發現》英語語音CD 5-水 Water 等一個人咖啡電影原聲帶 蘭雨精選2 聽話-黎姿 樂園 衣P 阿嬤進行曲 金蟬脫殼 (電影《金蟬脫殼2》同名推廣曲) [獨唱版].
  9. 24BITKHZ-Deep Purple - The House Of Blue Light () [VINYL] {} 24BITKHZ-Deep Purple () - The Book Of Taliesyn 24BITKHZ-Dire Straits - Dire Straits.

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