Conviction - Embody The Chaos - Awakening Of Chaos (CD)

Truly it is said that the favoured of the Ruinous Powers are part daemon , for they are supernatural terrors to a man. However, it is just as likely that the empyric forces which protect them from the vagaries of fate will do precisely nothing at a critical moment, especially if the recipient has come to take them for granted.

In such contradictions do the Chaos Gods find humour and justice alike. Each of the 9 Heretic Astartes Traitor Legions fights using a different style of warfare that is defined by their Legion's culture and their primarch 's nature; also, 4 of the 9 -- the Emperor's Children , the World Eaters , the Thousand Sons and the Death Guard -- are dedicated specifically to the service of one of the four major Chaos Gods , Slaanesh , Khorne , Tzeentch and Nurgle , respectively.

The other five Traitor Legions essentially serve the interests of all of the Ruinous Powers collectively in the form of Chaos Undivided. Post-Heresy Emperor's Children corrupted iconography. The rot spread quickly through the Legion, and the Emperor's Children embraced Chaos, particularly the Prince of Pleasure, in all its depravity.

Little trace can now be seen of the original armour and equipment of the Emperor's Children, covered as it is by skins of iridescent fur or scales, jewels, or the fantastical renderings of screaming faces or rutting beasts.

The Emperor's Children fight for sensation and sensory overload, bringing a clashing cacophony of sound, colour, and energy to the battlefield. Post-Heresy Iron Warriors ' corrupted iconography. The Iron Warriors once formed the Emperor's legion of siege troops. They fought on a hundred worlds in the Great Crusade, laying siege to alien citadels and the palaces of Renegades with equal gusto. The Iron Warrior's Primarch, Perturabo , excelled in the arts of siege and trench warfare above all else, and his treatise on fortifications and their reduction formed the basis of several sections of the Tactica Imperialis.

The Iron Warriors betrayed the Emperor on Istvaan V, their mazes of bunkers and razor wire becoming a death trap for their Loyalist brethren instead of the sanctuary they promised to be. The Iron Warriors wear relatively unadorned armour that is commonly pieced together from the older marks for its heavier frontal protection.

They favour heavy weaponry like Lascannons or Missile Launchers for long-range engagements, although well-equipped Iron Warriors Assault Squads are also rightly feared. Post-Heresy Night Lords ' corrupted iconography.

Curze believed in the use of terror as a weapon and his foes quickly learned to fear the night. The Night Lords were one of the first Legions to join Horus' rebellion, turning on what they saw as a weak-willed Emperor incapable of the strength required to lead and govern the galaxy effectively.

Even after the Warmaster's defeat, the Night Lords have continued to wage an unremitting campaign of terror against the Imperium. The Night Lords refuse to follow any of the Chaos Gods, and have become cynical, hard-bitten, and frighteningly ruthless warriors. They fight for the pleasure of it, and for the material rewards it can bring, and not for the worship of some deity. Post-Heresy World Eaters ' corrupted iconography. Under the Primarch Angron , the World Eaters underwent psycho-surgery that transformed an already fierce legion into bloodthirsty berserkers through the use of cortical implants known as the Butcher's Nails pioneered on their Primarch's homeworld of Nuceria.

When they betrayed the Imperium, it was of little surprise that the vast majority dedicated themselves to Khorne. The XII th Legion fractured after the Heresy, scattering into many small warbands across the galaxy that frequently serve as mercenaries to other Chaos commanders.

As is fitting to their patron god, the World Eaters wear armour as red as arterial blood, edged with brass and decorated with skulls and symbols of Khorne. Most disdain long-ranged warfare, preferring to close with the enemy to kill them with Chainaxe , Power Sword , and if need be Bolt Pistols. Post-Heresy Death Guard corrupted iconography. The Death Guard's sense of loyalty to the Warmaster and their Primarch Mortarion triumphed over their duty to the Emperor on distant Terra, and so, they unknowingly followed both into damnation.

A mysterious, unstoppable contagion spread through the trapped fleet, putrefying all it touched. Mortarion himself became infected and in his delirium he called upon the Powers of Chaos to aid his Space Marines. Mortarion's fevered ravings were answered by Nurgle , and Mortarion became Nurgle's foremost Daemon Prince.

The Death Guard survived but they continue to bear the marks of Nurgle's first blessings upon them. Their once-white armour became stained and cracked where the bubbling foulness of their mortal bodies had erupted to the surface.

They bear the three-lobed mark of Nurgle rendered as flies or rotting heads upon banners and shoulder guards. Their Bolters and Chainswords are caked with filth and rust but are no less deadly. The Death Guard favour the use of heavy infantry, particularly Plague Marines , and are notorious for their brutality. Plague and contagion have become the Death Guard's primary weapons and they can be found anywhere in the galaxy spreading Nurgle's foul blessings.

Post-Heresy Thousand Sons ' corrupted iconography. The path to damnation for the Thousand Sons Legion of Space Marines was longer than most, but its final plunge more complete than any. Even before the Horus Heresy the Thousand Sons' cyclopean Primarch Magnus the Red led his sons in the study of arcane lore and the practice of sorcery despite the Emperor's disapproval and the outright ban on such practices at the Council of Nikaea. When Horus gathered his forces the Thousand Sons tried to use their occult powers to warn the Emperor of the Warmaster's betrayal.

The Emperor did not trust Magnus' warnings, disbelieving that Horus would betray Him, and seeing that Magnus had disobeyed him by using sorcery, He ordered the Thousand Sons' Primarch to be taken captive and brought in chains to Terra to answer for his disobedience. To survive and protect their accumulated wisdom, the Thousand Sons sought the patronage of the god Tzeentch , Changer of the Ways, greatest master of magic among the Chaos Gods.

During the terrible battle known as the Burning of Prospero , Tzeentch transported Magnus and his surviving sons to the Daemon World in the Eye of Terror called the Planet of the Sorcerers. The surviving Thousand Sons have since been split by internal schisms, their pursuit of occult knowledge estranging them from each other and even their cyclopean Daemon Primarch.

A cabal of renegade Sorcerers led by their once-Chief Librarian Ahriman unleashed a great sorcerous spell, known as the Rubric of Ahriman upon the Legion in order to prevent further mutation and corruption of its members by Chaos.

This mighty spell reduced most of the Thousand Sons to soulless suits of animated armour known as Rubric Marines , but left the surviving Sorcerers unmatched in power. Post-Heresy Black Legion iconography.

The Emperor subsequently allowed His favoured son Horus to rename the Legion "the Sons of Horus " in recognition of his accomplishments in the Ullanor Crusade and in honour of its Primarch, who had been made the first among the Primarchs by his promotion to the rank of Warmaster. The Sons of Horus willingly followed their beloved Primarch and Warmaster into rebellion, fighting at the very forefront of his most important campaigns.

The Sons of Horus stood out as the elite of the Chaos armies, with a very aggressive and efficient method of war -- the fielding of elite and specialised units to destroy enemy command and isolate divisions from one another -- methods upheld by the Legion still in the age of the Dark Imperium.

During the Heresy massive recruitment of new Astartes from Cthonia occurred, giving the Legion numerical superiority to most other Space Marine Legions as well. When Horus was slain by the Emperor at the Battle of Terra , the Legion's morale and pride was shattered.

After their defeat, the Black Legion and their fellow Traitor Legions were driven into the hellish realm of the Eye of Terror by the vengeful Imperial forces. This conflict marked the final collapse of unity between the Chaos-corrupted Space Marine Legions that had fought together under the banner of Horus Lupercal during the Horus Heresy.

In their despair the Sons of Horus gave themselves to the worship of one Chaos Power after another, and lost many of their number through possession and madness.

The Legion as a whole broke up after the events on Maeleum and now is largely fleet-based , with several bastions within the Eye. The Black Legion as it is known at present was formed shortly afterwards under the strong leadership of Abaddon the Despoiler , the former First Captain of the Sons of Horus originally known as Ezekyle Abaddon, who claimed Horus' mantle as the Warmaster of Chaos.

Track one- single voice plus guided meditation. Track two- voice only. Track one — single voice includes a guided meditation. Forest Thickets. The Remains of Faith. The Allseeing Eye. Battle Benedictit. Dire Struggle. Victorious Ode. The Four Horsemen. Hallowed Beast. This is an inner-active book of the forty-four invitations to be used as a daily oracle or guide, offering powerful exercise of expanded consciousness. Each invitation will request, entice and summons you to step into new ways of responding to your life, to events and to others.

You will use the awesome tools to shift your response in a quantum moment. Once you begin using these invitations there will be no turning back. Your life will change, your life will transform. You will begin to expect miracles every day. You will realize that you are creating awesome realities. Also included are advanced transmissions for those who want to delve deeper. They are powerful thought provoking energy changing downloads of information.

You will recognize your power as a multidimensional being and better understand this hologame on planet earth. Morning Messages have been reaching thousands of people around the globe since they were initially offered on the internet.

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That glow of proximity to power is his reward for dutifully slaving away as a higher-order serf. The American Revolution was triggered not by a sudden upwelling of noble ideals, but by the realization of the landed nobility and productive classes that the commercial and political domination of Great Britain was placing their wealth and liberty at risk.

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XedenisgoneX is back with a new full album. After very successful debut CDEP its time for something more - 8 songs of blackened edge metal core. This is a split release with new label True Vendetta Rec. FFO: Day Of Suffering, Arkangel, First Fight Down, In Flames and XXX. 1. Extinct 2. Dear Antagonist 3. Eve Of Your Deicide 4. Swallow.

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  1. Embody The Chaos - Awakening Of Chaos download free. Label: Mark My Words Records ‎– MMW23 Type: CD, EP, UK Country: UK Date of released: 16 Sep .
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  3. EMBODY THE CHAOS is a new band from Yamagata, sputexovalcyde.sadoubmiveversreciperlozacansign.cod in they have released only one demo so far “Voice Of Truth” in Music – old school metalcore / edge-metal style. Summer band recorded 5 songs for MCD called “Awakening Of Chaos” – released by band and Mark My Words Records in Japan/UK/EU and Preserving Silence Records in US.
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