Cloud Control (Interlude) - The Mind Clouders - Fake It Until You Make It (CD, Album)

With the power of his mind, he broke up the cloud in front of the unbelieving eyes of Ewan MacGregor's character. During the scientific interest of the power of the mind in the s, dispersing clouds was often brought up. Rolf Alexander was shown in a series of photographs breaking up a cloud that he was concentrating on.

A British television program was also reported to have filmed a cloud dispersal in June of Cloud bursting is a form of telekinesis. Telekinesis is the ability to move or change things by thought. No visible or known, "normal" force is moving the object. Many experiments were conducted with dice.

Many gamblers feel that they are able to influence how the dice lands and scientific studies have shown better than chance odds with some of these gamblers. You see this same type of use of the mind with the lottery today - people will try to mentally force their numbers to be drawn. The only problem with this is that there are thousands of other lottery players who are also trying to force a drawing of the numbers they picked.

As a child, I would lay out on the grass and stare up at the sky. Looking for shapes in the clouds was a fun way to kill time for me and my friends, but sometimes I would feel the need to shape the clouds to my liking.

To do this exercise, you will be using the power of your will to shape the cloud you are focusing on. First, choose a cloud. What does it look like? What could it look like? Use your will and focus on the outlines of the clouds, pushing a bit of the cloud this way, and tucking a piece of the cloud another way. Practice this exercise over and over. Whenever you see a cloud in the sky, begin to shape it. If it already looks like something, like a rabbit's head, for example, concentrate on making the ears longer or shorter.

Try and shape a cloud into a circle or a heart. If you fail to shape the cloud to your will the first few times, do not give up. Keep on trying to shape the clouds. Broadway World. Retrieved 16 April Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Retrieved 9 September Retrieved 5 June Retrieved 8 August October April February One thing unique to this album that very few artists have in their albums is the experiment with was an acoustic touch. One thing common to artists with their first releases is that there is a high level of experimenting with sounds and instruments.

The backup instrumentalists did a very good job and the producers kept the sound as raw as possible with as few effects as possible. The beat was kept as Ugandan as possible but again with nothing that would be painful to the ear on a normal listen.

I can only hope that as he goes on a soul searching experience to produce other albums of class the quality will only rise and even get better. It also is very easy for the listener to mistake the naivety with which she sings to be the same as that that Saida Kaloli exhibited on her tours to Uganda where she was ripped off by her so called promoters.

It is this same naivety that will draw you the listener to her music with endearing thoughts only. At one instant in the song, one could easily be fooled into thinking that they are listening to a Tamia hit. I am sure that if radio deejays would be more inspired to let the music do more talking and not their sometimes myopic opinions take control.

This song is a true gem, with simplicity and the message is crystal clear. For perhaps the most sentimental of reasons, my favourite track on this album is Golden. The lyrics in this are just too deep. What made the moment more surreal was the person who i shared that beautiful moment with.

This one song made the writer crush on Chrisette in a manner similar to a crush he had on Alicia Keys right up to the moment AK run a double standard by getting involved with an already married man Beatz. Artists like Chrisette, take a simple voice, make it work with a simple background, subtle bass guitar and make poor guys like yours truly literally go weak in the knees.

One can only say that the sky is the limit for this daughter of deacon father and choir director mother provided she keeps it simple and sticks to her style of music. I will go on to list some of their hits basing on suggestions that i received earlier from you, friends, when i requested for suggestions for their best tracks on face book. This song was sung to a certain four year old boy in at a function in Gaba.

However much those around them have their opinions of the matters. The beats here are light and quite groovy, mixing a pop beat with keyboard driven chords, and conga drums. Jim I stand to be corrected but this ranks as one of the most educative marriage counselling messages in entertainment. It therefore baffles one that with the 90 second intros and prolonged re-looping of beats, this song was compressed to a meagre five and a half minutes.

Speed With forty three seconds of an opening interlude, this is by far one of the most played songs of afrigo in the wake of increasing road accidents and change of moral standards in our society. But other sources even as a child suggested that this song had the message of go slower in life approaches concerning sexuality and immorality and you will not get sick.

With so much messaging in most of their music, one would get lost in the fluent play of the saxophones or simple yet continuous beats of the drums. Amazzi Genyama: In all folklore, meat has always been a subject of men and their egos. Similarly this song portrays the message of men and their respective meats read women. The bass and drums take charge in this song with an electric that keeps fading in and out.

If such trends of using comparative subjects to portray a totally different though educative message were kept on to date, one can only imagine the beauty that most of our Ugandan songs would have without having to be expletive. Well the lads and lasses from Afrigo also have one along the same lines.

Olumbe lwo Bwavu: the scourge of poverty really hurts the poor. This song came in several versions, with a more groovy version that had the full array of saxophones, drums, keyboards and a afro pop beat that most Ugandan songs have. Either version is really good because of the rich message that it brings. The saxophonist went on rampage during this song, though he was ably aided by the electric guitarist.

Cloud Control Interlude Marshall Law Paranoia Sheik feat. Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples Fool Press Conference Skit Broken Intercom feat. Lord Zen Unraveling feat.

Funny Isn't It Kirby Can Hawk Interlude Upside Down 6 feat. Fake It Until The Outro Yacht Rockin Feat. Get Away From Me Unfashionable Insta-Snap-Face Get Away From Me Remix Shadowhand I Think You Were Right. Publicar un comentario. Demente A. Dolan B. Terrible C. Smooth C. Krugga D. Destino Dr. Cole J. Littles J. Symphony L. Complex Mr. Green Mr. Hyde Mr. Medeiros Mr. Lif Mr. Hardem N. Various Artist V. The Truth. Awol One. Bus Driver. Jean Grae.

Lord Zen. Deeskee Vs. Xololanxinxo - Generation X Remix. Xololanxinxo - Amad Zaire Nagosh. Xololanxinxo - Borrowed Material Ft Busdriver. Posted in: 2Mex. Unknown says:. Popular Posts. SSJ3 Majin Vegeta feat. By Myself Paralyzed Interlude 1 Money And Power I Made This Tea In This list is not my own. Eminem - Infinite Infinite Interlude feat. It's OK feat. Jay-Z - Demo Tape Greatest MC Demo Whats in a name?

Treach Get Off My Dick feat. Sauce Money Understand M Nas - Nasty Nas Demo Tape 1. Understanding feat. Just Another D Young Black Male Trapped

In , Busdriver released his solo album, Temporary Forever. In , he released Cosmic Cleavage on Big Dada. In , Busdriver released RoadKillOvercoat on Epitaph Records. Another solo album, Jhelli Beam, was released on Anti-in He is the executive producer of Thirsty Fish's album.

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  1. All songs recorded and mixed at Defcon 4, Los Angeles. Mastered at Zoo Dog, Ltd. Other release with different back cover: The Mind Clouders - Fake It Until You Make It/5(11).
  2. The Mind Clouders ‎– Fake It Until You Make It Label: Concentrated Entertainment ‎– CE, Memo Records (2) ‎– none5/5(1).
  3. Fake It Until You Make It by The Mind Clouders, released 21 April 1. Hollow Victory 2. Listen 3. Odessey Honestly 4. False/Lost 5. Cloud Control (Interlude) 6. Marshall Law 7. Paranoia Sheik (feat. Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples) 8. Fool Press Conference (Skit) 9. Broken Intercom (feat. Lord Zen) Unraveling (feat. Circus & Life Rexall)
  4. The Mind Clouders - Fake It Until You Make It. , CD, Hip-Hop. Complete your The Mind Clouders music collection. Find CDs, tapes & records.
  5. Oct 17,  · Fake It Until You Make It "Please retry" Price New from Used from MP3 Music, November 2, Cloud Control. Cloud Control. Listen Now $ In MP3 cart View MP3 Cart 6. Marshall Law. 2Mex & Mum's the Word are The Mind Clouders. This is the best thing i have ever heard of any thing that has to do with the Visionaries.5/5(1).
  6. free download The Mind Clouders - Fake It Until You Make It (CD) () (FLAC + kbps) rar Cloud Control (Interlude) Marshall Law Paranoia Shiek feat. Abstract Hip-Hop Album Sampler Alternative Hip-Hop Break Beats Cassette CD Single Chicano Rap Christian Hip-Hop Comedy Rap Compilation Country Rap Crunk Demo East Coast Hip-Hop.
  7. Cloud Control was an Australian alternative rock band, originating from the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia. The band was signed to the Australian record label Ivy League Records, on which they released their first album, Bliss were also signed to Infectious Music in the UK and Europe, and to Votiv in North America.
  8. The Mind is a network of know-how, diagrams and processes always available! Without moving from everywhere, it allows you to control, make queries and manage one or more machines and structures. The content and resources are just a click away and you can check and program the equipment everywhere, at anytime!

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